Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Knot Group Came to My House

This past Thursday, the Knot Group met at my house. I always look forward to them coming as they are a great group of people. We all live in different towns in Arkansas, so this is the one time a month we see each other.

This month, it was my turn...and you know how it feel you must have things in order. So, before hand, I try to do just that. I don't know why, as we wreck the place during the course of the day. There are lunches, drinks, projects, photos, gifts, books, and stuff all over the place. It's great fun and I wouldn't have it any other way.

This month we had a guest, Keri's daughter, Melanie. She was so cute and laughed a lot too. She's young, so she probably thought we were nuts (which would be accurate), but she hid it well, as she seemed to be interested in what all we were doing. Also, she sat next to Jim, which guarantees a person will laugh an awful lot.

We always seem to teach each other during these meetings, although we aren't always working on a project. For instance, someone noticed some little newspaper pots I had on the porch with seedlings in thing you know, we were outside and I showed them how to make them.

Jean and her daughter, Susan, were both knitting.....we always learn something from them. Jim was working on some needlepoint and showed some small pieces he would work on next. He had an idea for a challenge regarding some silver, copper and other metal necklace chains, which he provided for that is now on our agenda. The results will be shown at our Christmas meeting. Mary Lou was doing applique...something she used to say she couldn't do. Isn't it great how that always happens? Sherry was making beaded buttons...she loves embellishments and crazy quilts...quite good at them too! Kelley was quiet that day and wanted to look at books at my desk. Whatever she wants to do is fine with me as she is just the sweetest thing. Keri was in her observant mode, so watched everyone work, picking up tips. Bibi, also, was in a watchful mood.

Susan had just returned from a trip to Chicago and brought beautiful little boxes of candy for us. And, it wasn't chocolate! That was so nice and really appreciated by me since I am allergic to chocolate. We have to have a certain number of calories at these meetings, after all, it takes lots of energy to work so hard!

I look forward to these meetings each month, not only to see what everyone is doing and to learn, but to visit with these great people. I always say it's my therapy and I'm lucky to know these folks! Pat


sparkle jars said...

I am so intrigued by these newspaper pots!


The knot group is wonderful.You certainly have a lot happening on the day you all meet.Interaction is so important and its best when you can do it face to face. thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog Pat.

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