Monday, June 23, 2008

Norah'S Challenge

I am a BIG fan of Sharon Tomlinson. She's a wonderful artist who has a blog that I read several times a week. When you read her sort of get two for one - as her muse, Norah'S, always tags along. It's delightful! Read it at:

This weekend, Sharon (and Norah'S, too, if you get right down to it) challenged readers of her blog to choose a piece of Guztav Klimt's artwork and use it for inspiration in a piece of their own. Always up for a challenge, but not being a painter, I thought it would be fun to try to paint something. I chose "The Kiss." (One thing you should know...I love Klimt's use of it. But the truth is I love Sharon's art more!!)

So, here it is. Now feel free to laugh. It won't hurt my feelings. Or be bored with it. Whatever. Remember, a challenge is a learning experience!!! You may learn what TO do and you may learn what NOT to do. You may also learn what you don't WANT to do or what you LOVE to do. All very important.

While creating this little piece of "artwork", I also wanted to try one of Sharon's "secrets." Of course, she doesn't keep it a secret, or else I wouldn't know about it. She uses paper napkins and gel medium to add lots of detail to her artwork!!! I love it! The idea of it is so appealing that I was compelled to try that technique in this little "piece of work." IT'S FUN!

I sent a photo of this piece to one of my friends whose opinion I value. She was quite nice about it, as she always is. One of the things I like about her is she doesn't issue forth compliments on your work just to avoid hurting your feelings. She can give you an honest appraisal of what you have done. That way, when she is know she means it. She said she found the use of the "Klimt elements" somewhat of a shock when used with the heart. You know, she is right! Did I think of that when I made it...of course not! It never entered my mnd...I was just having fun. I was somewhat "uncomfortable" about the two though. But, now I know...and can see it. I believe that to be a learning experience.

Of course, the truth of the matter is...the "heart part" of this work is really ME and the Klimt part is well, more Klimt!!! What I didn't do is use Klimt's elements in a totally different way....something I will retain for future reference.

I am starting a journal and intend to fill it with small (4" x 6") pieces of this and that...whatever I decide to work on during the weekend. Inspired totally by Sharon and allnorahsart. Not to try and work as she does....I could never do that..but to make my own little designs as an exercise and teaching tool. A personal spurt of growth..perhaps. (Notice the word GROW on this work.) These little pieces will not be named, but numbered. I can look back then, at lesson #14, for example, at some point in the future, to see what I learned on that particular weekend and use the information over and over.

So, Sharon......thanks for all you do. And, all you make me want to do. It's good to be challenged and with people like you and Norah'S to inspire us, there's no telling what we might do! Pat


Sharon said...

You absolutely did what the challenge was all about. You took you (the heart) and combined it with inspirtaion from Klimt in a new way. That is only you. It is real, original, and I really do like it. I like your colors, composition and size. I like that you tried the napkin thing. My first impression, when I opened the page was, "I'm impressed". I'm not just saying that. You have an artful background and it will come through no matter what you do.

Thank you so much for giving me such compliments. We both adore that. I do believe that Norah'S drive feeds on it.

Ivory Spring said...

Hi Pat,

According to the FAQ on the Hobbs' website, all their products are proudced in the States. I think I have read somewhere that their silk batt is made with silk from China, but finished and processed in Waco.

Hope that helps.

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