Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm an Award Winner???

Yesterday I received two awards from my blogging friend, Gayle, at SPARKLEJARS.BLOGSPOT.COM. She is dear. I have never received an award on my blog before, so am taken somewhat aback by the experience. The mere fact that she thinks my blog worthy of an award just makes my day and so I thank her from the bottom of my little blogging heart! The awards are shown here and on my sidebar. How neat is that?

Here I am, with this blog that I love writing, surprised by the whole "award experience" and find there are "duties" to perform in connection with this honor. I have been in touch with Gayle with a confession because now the "cat is out of the bag." My confession: while I have been blogging since February, I just hate to admit that I have been doing so in complete ignorance of most of the conveniences my Mac computer has to offer....therefore, the duties I now need to perform will suffer. I don't know how to hypertext and many other things I should know. I am a whiz at typing......I can add photos without too much trouble....and that's about as technical as I can get at the moment. My son, who is my own personal tech person.....well, I just refrain from asking him too much because he has precious little time to help me with my myriad of questions....and besides, I don't want him to really know how totally awful I am at this stuff. My daughter, who is helpful but very busy also, has a pc, so she doesn't understand my get the picture? So, be patient with me, please, and I'll try to get all the information in this post that needs to be here.

Duties when receiving these awards:

1. Put the award logo on blog sidebar.
2. Link to the person you received the award from.
3. Nominate at least seven other blogs.
4. Add links to those seven on your blog.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the people I nominated.

So, here goes....if I make an error...well, you'll understand, I know you will:

The BRILLIANTE AWARD, from what I understand, is for blogs you enjoy reading, find wonderful and want to share with others.
I need to choose seven. That's hard to do, but here are my choices:

Andrea, at UNDER A BLUE MOON (, you should read her post today....entitled "Heat" will give you lots to think about and make you more appreciative, not only of your life, but the lives of those we take for granted.

Lisa, at A THING FOR ROSES (, she's always tempting me with things I can't possibly have...makes me long for more flea markets in my area.

Suzanne, at PINK ROSES & OTHER PASSIONS (, she is always interesting, the photography is great and I love the way she includes her kids in her blog.

Cerri, at LITTLE PINK STUDIO (, she's fun, interesting, and I like her "stuff."

Tracey, at A COTTAGE INDUSTRY (, gosh, she's always got lots to show and tell. Wears many hats and shares a lot.

Marlene, at STITCHIN BY THE LAKE (, she's become a good friend, though we never have met in person. A fellow Arkansan, a quiltmaker, and counselor to many, she's witty also.

Kelly, at KELLYVANHOOK (, she's my daughter......I've been amazed at her blog. She's talented, paints abstracts and is funny! Does my heart good and maybe yours too.

The ARTE DE PICO AWARD, I understand is translated to mean something like this - Wow! The Best Art...Over the Top! Well, I'm for that and here are my choices:

Sharon, at ALL NORAH'S ART ( has one of the most fun blogs. She is so creative and shares it all. I am constantly excited by what she shows us and her "paradise" is wonderful to see also.

Nina, at Ornamental ('s a wonderful jewelry and mixed media artist. But, actually, I love reading her blog because I consider her a poet of sorts. She makes me appreciate nature and all the wonderful little daily surprises in our lives...if we learn to "see." She will help you do that.

Mary Ann, at DISPATCH FROM LA ( teacher of wee folk, she also teaches a person reading her must see today's post....a neighbor and her art....I should have a neighbor like that! And, one like Mary Ann too!

Amy, at IN THE FOLD ( taught me to make the greatest little beaded flowers in a tutorial on her blog....and I know there is more greatness to come!

"Embellisher," at MILLION LITTLE STITCHES ( is embroidering the most wonderful sampler in the form of book pages!

So, I thank you, Gayle, for giving me these mean a lot to me and so do these other great friends I have made, thanks to this great experience we now enjoy called blogging. To complete my "duties" I'll now make sure all these great people are notified that I have nominated them for these awards.

Amid all the hardship and strife we face in life...isn't it wonderful to know we have friends out there to share our thoughts, our dreams, our art, our everyday experiences with....certainly adds a positive note to my life and I appreciate you all. Pat


sparkle jars said...

I look forward to seeing the posts of all of your nominees. I love your blog!


Pat thank you for the award,I recieve my first award a couple of days back and now the second one from you, I'm honoured and a bit dazzled with all these awards raining down on me all of a sudden.

Little Pink Studio said...

How very sweet, thank you so much!
~Cerri xo

Sharon said...

Morning Pat,
I'm here today on a mission to say, "hi and thank you" for all you lovely comments on my blog and now for this award.

Andrea said...

Gosh - thank you - I am just *finally* getting half a minute to go through my list of blogs and the very first one I come to I have an award! I should do this more often! I'm really touched - thank you so much.

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