Friday, December 19, 2008

My Grandson's Christmas Quilt

When my grandson, Tyler, was six years old, I decided to make a wall quilt for him for Christmas. He loved being in the studio with me, calling each piece of fabric a quilt. I still have some yardage with animals on it that he made tents with, napped under and always called a quilt. I suppose he just didn't get the concept of the three layers, etc. He is going to be twenty-four on his next birthday and even though the quilt lives at my house....he still knows it's his and expects to see it every year.

When I made the quilt for him, I worked on it when he wasn't around, as I wanted it to be a surprise. When he came over for Christmas, I made sure the wall hanging was in place over the sofa, as I knew he'd notice it there first. He came into the room, immediately looked at the quilt and said, "Grandmother, you made a CAR!!" Well, I thought to myself, I could have just made a tiny quilt with a car on it and he would have been completely happy. He loved the quilt, still does, and that's all that matters, and I still love to tell how he reacted to his own Christmas quilt.

It is 48 inches square. I hand appliqued all the features of the quilt and it is hand quilted. There is a bunny rabbit on the bed and that was made by a friend, Donna McConnell. Her daughter, Micah, made the little photograph on the wall. Everyone always asks me if the two women in the photo are relatives. No, they are not, but sometimes I make up stories about them anyway. There are embellishments on the just have to embellish, you know. The car is there because like lots of boys, Ty always was playing with tiny little cars. The cat in the wagon is not the cat we have now...but Ethel looks like this anyway.

It's a fun quilt....hope you enjoy seeing it and I wish you all a Merry Christmas! (One more quilt to go by Christmas Day..stay tuned!!) Do take care, stay warm and safe and have a lot of fun! Pat


Nicki Lee said...

How cute is that!!!!! It is adorable! Guess since I'll be a Nana soon I should get busy and start making a couple for next Christmas. Thank you for the inspiration and I'm sure that 26 year old loves it as much today as he did all those years ago.

kellyvanhook said...

Mom, I still think the quilt is so very special...just like everything you you!

brenco1 said...

Tyler always loved your quilts and what you do with your art. I was always envious until I had G and Will. Your work is so descriptive. Got to do one now for each of the GKs. Thanks another project-Ha!!

TattingChic said...

That is a beautiful quilt! Well, I guess most people would call it "cute" or "adorable" and it IS all that, but I think it is beautiful as well because of the sweet story behind it! :)

Judy said...

How adorable. I love the story behind it. I imagine you enjoy it as much or more than Tyler does.

Willow Witch said...


How sweet that is. I love the holly border. Your family is so very lucky to have such a talented lady...

sparkle jars said...

That bunny on the bed is such a great idea. This quilt is so, love, love it!
Merry Christmas, Pat!

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