Monday, March 30, 2009

Two for Etsy

Now there are two new pincushions in my etsy shop!!! Just the other day, I told you I would post about them after showing you the one my friend Carol Ann bought from me at our AWOL retreat. By the way, I've gotten some wonderful comments on her pincushion (in the previous post) and am grateful for the words of encouragement. Thank you all so much. You know we all need positive reinforcement once in a while. I appreciate you!!!

Let's talk about this dainty little pincushion. You know, I never know what they are going to look like when I start work on one. I fly by the seat of my pants! (And, let's not get descriptive about those!!) I knew I wanted to make a peach colored pincushion and because I had been painting the fabric to make these little jewels lately, I intended to paint peach fabric. More flying by the seat of the pants, as I really don't know what I'm doing with the paint...just playing around. The funny thing seems to work as I really did get a lovely peach fabric out of the experiment. Yesterday I received a comment asking me to do a tutorial on painting the fabric. I may do that someday soon. Anyway, I did paint this fabric. It was a lovely cotton/linen blend. Love it!! It turned out so soft and sweet looking and truly PEACH. It may look pink to you...but peach it is.

I made these little five petaled flowers out of 3/4 inch wide hand-dyed silk ribbon. No, I didn't paint the ribbon...I've had it a while and that is why I wanted to paint peach fabric! I also had beads to go with the ribbon and my stash! See, that's why you need to have a stash, you can "shop" in your own studio. As I said in the previous post, I had this pincushion made before I went to AWOL, but had two to do the beading on as one of my "projects" for the weekend. Can you tell what my favorite part of this is? Well, the leaves, of course! I say it all the time...I love making these leaves. I suppose the ruched and beaded ribbon edge would be a second favorite. This little thing is only 3" x 6," very dainty. Someone suggested using it as a pillow on a doll bed or something else besides sticking pins in it. Well, you interpret it any way you want...and if interested, check it out as it's now included in my etsy shop! I hope you enjoy seeing it here as it is SWEET.

Then, there is also the Blue Hydrangea Pincushion. I should have named it the "Blue Hydrangea in a Painted Pot Pincushion." Of course, they don't really look like hydrangeas...just some more of my "fantasy" flowers. Again, I painted the fabric. This time I used a piece of vintage dresser scarf fabric. (Don't know what I'll do if I don't find more of that!!!) This little jewel, too, is very small at 3" x 4." And, of course, the edge is hand-beaded using glass beads. Lots of French Knots, those leaves again, and a very simple straight stitch to make the flowers were fun used in combination with that little painted flower pot. And, too, this pincushion is now in my etsy shop.

This year really must be "my year of the pincushion." There's more to come, you know! I hope you enjoyed seeing these as much as I enjoyed making them. Pat


Rose Haven said...

Oh my goodness, Pat!!!! These are BEAUTIFUL!!! I especially LOVE the peach painted pin-cushion!! I'm more into PINKS and ROSES for colors...or...I'd be picking this one up for sure!!

Your work is just beautiful!


Sharon said...

They are beautiful and I know must be enjoyable to sit and make. I love pretty things too.

I received the most delicious package today. Thank you. Can't wait to try the doily.

Melody Marie Murray said...

Wow! Once again, tiny masterpieces. Loveliness is sometimes even more poignant in miniature. Beautifully done.

TattingChic said...

GORGEOUS! Gorgeous! GoRgEoUs!!!
I am drooling over the pink and white one! OH!

Amy said...

The peach pin cushion is precious. Since I found out we are expecting a little girl I have really fallen for anything girly.

Deb said...

These two pin cushions are just breathtaking. You are so talented. Can you tell us the size of them because in the picture of the last one you I was startled by how large it was in the hands of it new owner compare to the actual picture of it alone.
Thanks again for sharing your beautiful needle and beadwork.

Pat said...

Deb, The two pincushions in this post are 3" x 6" and 3" x 4". The pincushion in my last post, which is shown in the hands of my friend, Carol Ann, is
5 1/2" square...quite a bit larger. None are huge, but so much fun to make. Thanks, Pat

sparkle jars said...

Oh, my gosh, these are gorgeous!

SC Lady said...

I love the peach color, the blossoms look like real peach blooms. Your talent has captured this realist.

SC Lady said...

Just love the peach PC (pin cushions), the blossoms love a lot like real peach blooms, Our just finished the blooming within past month. Your talent captures this so nicely. Libby

Deb said...

Thanks for giving the dimensions.

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