Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Inchies and a Fabric Floral Arrangement

Last month at our First Thursday Art Day, we made Inchies. You know, those tiny little pieces of art one inch square. I was so busy flitting around, mine are STILL not finished. But there were some really neat ones made that day. I don't have pictures of them as I often get excited about what is going on and forget the camera. Which is what I did this time. Or, sometimes my photos just aren't good enough. Mary Lou made a great piece of art with her inchies and so did Brenda. Maybe I'll show them some other time if I can remember to always have that camera!!

My sister-in-law, Sandy, made some inchies that day. However, I didn't see these! I think she made them after she went home and just take a look! She took several pictures of my family...me, hubby, son, daughter, son-in-law, grandson, even the "grand-dog" and made this wonderful little wall-hanging. (It's approximately 4" x 6"). I love it. She even made that fancy little scalloped trim at the bottom. Cool, or what? I am amazed. Sandy, who recently joined our little Thursday Art group is really enjoying it, she says, and I'll say that she sure adds something special to the group. We are enjoying her too.

My friend, JIm, is a member of the Knot Crazy Beader's Group which meets once a month also. We don't all bead, but we all do some kind of fiber art and we have lots of fun too. Jim has been a quiltmaker for many years, teaches art in a private school, and is our resident "over-achiever." He's funny, too. One year, he made this gorgeous fabric flower arrangement for me as a birthday gift. Don't you just love it! (The design area is approximately 5" x 7"). He used the fusing method and inked on the details. I'm especially fond of this particular piece of artwork he has made, but to be honest...it's just one example of what he does. (Jim, thanks again, for this really neat gift!!! But, don't let this praise go to your head, Big Guy!!!)

So, there are two monthly meetings I attend, and these two items are examples of what I see being made or shown at Show and Tell. Can you tell why I am inspired by these people? Just love it...hope you enjoyed seeing them....take care. Pat


Sharon said...

Great inchie presentaton by your SIL. Do you plan ahead what your next months art will be?

brenco1 said...

The pictures of inchies from our day in March can be seen on www.nevertoolatetohavefun.blogspot.com/. We have so much fun because Pat has great ideas and we share so much. We inspire each other and always appreciate each others work. Sharing is the best part.
Thank you Pat.


Pat thank-you for the little booklet on writing on fabric whihc I recieved in the mail yesterday. You have the most amazing handwriting it is so beautiful.The booklet I shall treasure thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Pat! Sandy's inchies perfectly represent your wonderful little family. You're right; she's really talented and creative! My inchies are still unfinished, too. Someday...

Sherry in Little Rock

Debbie said...

I just recently made a twinchie for the first time and really enjoyed it. Sounds like you had fun making the inchies. Hopefully we will get to see them someday?

Irish Kathi said...

I love the inchies and the way they are displayed. your pincushions are just adorable. very nice work

sparkle jars said...

Oh, I'm still wanting to move to Searcy so I can be in your art group! Those inchies are spectacular! Love how they are displayed. :-)

Rosie said...

Ok you got me hooked! What do I need to make an inchie? Your SIL has made something so beautiful. I am so envious of your thursday art days, they sound great. Maybe you might find time to do a tutorial on inchies.... Love the floral picture too, a great piece of work from your friend Jim.
Have a glorious Easter Pat
Rosie x

TattingChic said...

Those inchies are darling! I love how they are sweet and sentimental!

It's too bad about our email fiasco last week!!! Bummer!

disa said...


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