Monday, June 22, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To My Favorite Son

In Clifton, Texas, forty-one years ago today, at 3:08 a.m., to be favorite son, Scott, was born. At the time, his sister was fifteen months old. I talked to him on the phone THIS a.m., wanting to be the first to wish him a very happy birthday. He is my only son....but I always call him my "favorite son" because he is. His sister is my favorite daughter too.

So much time has gone by since that day forty-one years ago....and yet, it seems like yesterday. He was the dearest little baby...well, not too little at 8 lbs., five oz., but you know what I mean. So cute! The very first time I laid eyes on him, he smiled. I've been wrapped around his little finger ever since, and age has done nothing to change that. He is even more dear now.

My most wonderful accomplishment was raising Scott and his sister. Nothing else I will ever do can even come close. They are my pride and joy.

So, Scott, as I wished you this morning, I wish you again....a wonderful day, filled with good things and laughter. With many more to follow. You're just the BEST!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! (And, lots of love from your Mom)

The rest of you, out there....a good day to you too......take care. pat


TattingChic said...

Awww...that is sweet how he smiled at you the first time you saw him! Happy Birthday to your fave son! :)

Melody Marie Murray said...

What a lovely birthday message.

Scott Eaton said...

Thanks, mom!

kellyvanhook said...

FYI, you are our favorite mom and we love you too!!!

sparkle jars said...

Happy Birthday! I can tell by the comfortable hugs in those photos that there's a lot of love in your family. :-)

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