Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just Some Old Things I Love

It's probably time for me to show you some more "old stuff." As you know, I love to visit the local flea market, where I receive my therapy on a regular basis. Most everything I have came from the flea market. Not much of it is valuable...well, except to me. I love the stuff!!! So, today, I'm showing you some things I have hunted and gathered, as we say.

There's an old print over my fireplace - "Love Dreams" by Adelaide Hiebel. The minute I saw her, I knew she was going home with me. You can't see it in this rather poor photograph, but she's gazing at a boat away in the distance....and that gorgeous Robin's Egg Blue that! (As you know if you are a regular's my current favorite color!) The frame is rather fancy for my taste, but as I have no "style" works for me.

Years ago, I found this little leather purse. It has a lovely design on the front and is very sweet. Just "had to have it." Then, on day, I put an old door in the living room and felt the purse just had to hang from the doorknob. Most people who come here think I'm nuts for having an old door just propped up against the doesn't bother me a bit. I just like looking at it and the little purse hanging there tickles me.

Recently, I bought this tray. In it is a newspaper (The Arkansas Gazette, Little Rock, Sunday, August 1, 1926) showing the clothing "style of the day." Fun! And, the tray is just beautiful! So, I propped it up on the buffet so I could see it each time I walked by. Silly, I guess, but I'm in charge of my own entertainment, aren't I?

My friend, Susan, recently paid me a visit. She "understands" my passion for all things old. Well, I should say this...she doesn't share the passion, but she understands it. How's that? Turns out she brought me a sack of "old stuff" that belonged to her husband's mother. He, being a lovely person also, ok'd giving them to me. Amongst the "treasure" (as I would call it) was a crocheted tablecloth. See it here on the table? Beautiful!!!! And, I do treasure it!!!

Also in the same photograph as the tablecloth, is a quilt on the wall. My hero, that old Navy man, Richard, bought the quilt for me years ago as a Valentine's present. It's a very old Log Cabin quilt, tied with gold yarn. Just love that one, for sure. We were shopping at a flea market and found it in a trunk. The minute I opened the trunk and saw that quilt...he said..."Happy Valentine's Day!!!" It was really a fun moment!

Then, there is that buffet I bought last Christmas at Green Alley, my flea market of choice around here. Here it is....another thing I just love!!! It sat here for a couple of months before I figured out what to it's full of linens, candles, dishes, etc. And, I mean FULL. Now, if you've read this blog before, you know I have a dining room - you can check the archives if you want to see it ("There's a Quilt in Here Somewhere" dated 4-13-09), but having this "new" old buffet made me create another dining spot in the living room. Having a small living room made it tricky, but having an extra table and chairs, and the will to do it, I managed. So, ok, the "decorating police" would have a fit...but, who cares?

Just some old things I love! Can't get enough of it.....anyone up for a visit to Green Alley? Take care. pat

PS. If you see dust on's a protective covering for furniture. And, yes, I know my bookshelves need re-organizing....wouldn't I love to get that done one day soon!


TattingChic said...

Lovely goodies! :)

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Since I am such a lover of quilts, I especially like the log cabin quilt that is hanging behind your buffet. It is so beautiful! Love & blessings from NC!

paddysdaughter said...

Lovely old stuff, warm and welcoming and so good to live with a sense of history and appreciation for treasures from the past. I have just noticed the word verification below is RENEST -how very appropriate!! Sue

Sharon said...

Thanks for the tour. Loved seeing all of your treasurers.

brenco1 said...

Love your old treasures and each one that you share makes you dearer to me. When I grow up I want to be just like you - Ha!!!
The buffet is wonderful and I am so glad you did get it and it fits perfectly. You have a way with other peoples memories and keep them safe even if you don't know what the memory was the items are still treasured.

Maggie Ann said...

How homey! I loved seeing your treasures and enjoyed your personality too. Its like you are really 'talking' to us...I like that.

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