Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Candlestick Pincushion

Once again, I have finished two wool candlestick pincushions. I'll show you one now and the other in a few days (stretching out my subject matter here while trying to get things ready for my September class at Quilting Arkansas). As you know, I've been making pincushions all year (with more to come) for 2009 has been my "year of the pincushion." So to speak.

This one is made from wedges of wool fabric, pieced into a ball, then embroidered and embellished. The same way that purple one I showed you recently was made, although they look entirely different. Also, if you remember, the "Girl Gang" came to my studio for a class earlier in the year, and made similar pincushions.

You know, I try not to make two of anything JUST ALIKE. So, while they may be similarly made, actually, they are different. You will also notice this when I post the other wool pincushion I will show you. The same fabric, but a different look. For those interested, I actually do all the embroidery after the ball is stuffed and added to the candlestick. Just seems easier to me, I suppose. Well, you'd have to embroider the seams after construction anyway.

The colors of this wool are green, red, yellow,pink and blue and rather subdued at that. Well, I like things to look old when I make, naturally, subdued is good for that. And, then, there is the fact that my friends all tell me I am the Queen of Mud because of my color choices.
Not so true, really, as sometimes I can choose some VERY colorful fabrics and threads. I'm going to be showing you some of those very soon. Well, I'm only mentioning the colors because of all things, I decided to embroider the little daisy-like flowers with DMC #4200, a Color Variations floss. This particular number is a combination of red,orange, and pink! Just wonderful and looks really good next to all the colors of the wool fabric.

As you can see, I did a feather stitch over the seams, an outline stitch for the stems, a lazy daisy stitch for the leaves and flowers. Then, I added a large seed bead in the center of each flower. It is orange! So cool. There is also a tiny glass butterfly cute! The doily on top is appliqued down and over top of that is a one and a half inch covered button. Wool also. I embroidered that with similar flowers, smaller beads and another butterfly. I used Herringbone Stitch to embroider around the edge of the button, then sewed it on. I even used the herringbone stitch to anchor the wool and lace bits at the bottom of the ball. So much fun to make!

This pincushion (and the next one I show you) will be added to those I am taking to my class in September where I will have them for sale. If they don't find a new home....they'll be going into my etsy shop upon my return. Because I've bought so many candlesticks and other items to make pincushions from at the flea markets...I hope to have many for sale this fall.....if I can get the work done. You know, all of this is quite time-consuming when you work by hand! And, a hint....several will be made using vintage items such as sugar bowls and containers made from ceramic, metal, etc. There's even an angel!

One of my good friends and I have been having some conversations lately about etsy. You know there are people with etsy shops who sell LOTS of items. My friend told me we needed to get a lot of inventory done and we could sell a lot also. Well, that IS true. However, I work by hand to make my little heirloom pieces, so realistically, how many can I make and still have a real life? I don't know. So, I want to make what I can comfortably do and if a particular item doesn't sell, then, well, it won't sell. But, if it does, then hopefully both the buyer and I will be very happy! (Having said all that....I've let my etsy just lanquish for months....I plan on improving that situation after my September retreat.)

I may as well tell you now, since I'm already "collecting" for it - 2010 will be my "year of the basket." Embroidered, appliqued, crocheted, etc., I've been collecting patterns and actual vintage pieces for a very long time and am still on the "hunt" for them. So, be prepared to see lots of baskets in the coming year....I'm having fun just saying that!!!

Well, there you are...another candlestick pincushion, with more on the way! take care, pat


Karen said...

Your pincushions are really beautiful!! You must really enjoy making them. Can't wait to see what you do with the baskets, I could use some new ideas!!

fiberdoodles said...

Oh it looks great! I love the button ;)


Anne said...

I love it! I am especially drawn to the contrast between the cream lace and the crimson-hued covered button. The butterfly beads are a charming addition to this lovely creation.

Robin Ennis Willson said...

very pretty!!

Outdoor Wreath said...

great work..

Allison Ann Aller said...

I have purchased two candlestick pin cushions in the last few years and simply cannot work without them. I use so many different kinds of needles in my work, and these pin cushions are perfect for keeping them at the ready!

Yours are lovely...

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