Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Two Readers, Two Stories"

Several years ago, I wrote a column for my guild's monthly newsletter. I've mentioned it here before. I just loved doing that. I thought my columns were fairly interesting, but I got very little feedback. At a certain point, I decided that basically, I was just "talking to myself" and that perhaps someone else could do a better job, so I stopped. Then, along came my computer, then email, then the magazine "Artful Blogging," which introduced me to the world of blogging. Oh, I could do that, I thought. So, my daughter helped me set up my blog. I began. And, once again, at least for a while, I thought I was right back where I started...excited, but "talking to myself."

Then, slowly, but surely, people began to make comments. I began to collect FOLLOWERS! (I still can't "see" them, but I know they are there as I see the count on my dashboard whenever I post.) There are people who actually read my posts! Well, I know two of them are my children, bless their hearts, but there are OTHERS. Wow! So, while there is pressure to "be interesting," I'm going to abide by my son's advice which was "to write about what I want to and please myself first...otherwise it won't be fun and I won't like doing it and if I don't like doing it, no one will enjoy reading it." (He's a very smart man!) I want to like doing it....the same way I loved to write those montly newsletter columns years ago...only with feedback this time.

And, I'm getting feedback! O happy day! It's wonderful to hear what people have to say and gratifying to know that I have somehow managed to touch base with other human beings "out there" on this very small planet we inhabit. It just makes my day!!! And, each person has their own story...I just love stories!!

Here are two. Yesterday, I had a small box delivered to my door, a total surprise. (Don't you love to get packages???) I had no idea who it was from as I hadn't ordered anything. Looking at the return address, I had no idea who this person was. I opened the box and was taken by such surprise, I was totally speechless. (It is not easy to find me speechless!) A lovely reader named Nancy, from Virginia, sent me the cutest bird house/nest music box and I'm posting her note so you can read her story in her own words. The instant I read the card, I remembered sending her a book...she had won a giveaway on my blog earlier in the year. Now, imagine....Nancy, using HER time and money to thank ME? I am touched. I am the one grateful for her and this group of dedicated "readers." It's such a pleasure for me to "talk" with them. Thank YOU, Nancy!!

Then, there is Anne. She has sent me many comments and emails...always giving me encouragement. She was particularly taken with that Robin pincushion, writing for permission to make one of her own. Well, since she asked politely, of course, I told her she could as long as she gave me design credit if she showed it anywhere. Over a couple of weeks, she emailed with questions, which I tried to answer as best I could...she sent photos of work in progress, which she wanted me to critique. I did. I suggested some stitches she might want to try, etc., and encouraged her to just "go for it" and see what she could do, interpreting my pattern in her own way. She had not done any silk ribbon embroidery before. A few days ago, she sent these photos in an email so I could see her finished product. I snapped these photos right off my computer screen. I am just thrilled with what she has created. She did a fine job and I love the result. We talked, she sewed, she shared, and we are both better for it. How cool is that? Another reader/friend. Thank YOU, Anne!

Both these ladies expressed a desire to be in a class with me....oh, wouldn't that be FUN!!! But, it occurs to me that this blog is probably the next best thing....and available to those of us miles and miles apart. Now, that is something writing that newsletter column long ago could never have done. Boy, am I lucky these days....thanks, ALL you readers! Take care, pat


Judy said...

Oh Pat such beautiful stories. I felt teary while reading your post. You are such a wonderful person and I love visiting. I always feel at home and welcome. I love the music box and the pincushion turned out beautiful. She must be very proud and you too for your help. Have a good week.

Christine said...

I understand what you mean about blogging Pat, but rest assured we are all out here, reading along. I, too, love to get feedback on my blog, it's re-assuring to know that sharing my quirky life might be entertaining and informative sometimes, LOL.
Christine in bleak wintery Sydney Australia.

TattingChic said...

I know what you mean about the feedback! It's so important and it's what makes blogging such a fabulous hobby! What wonderful connections we've all made. Thanks for sharing the stories!


I love your work!

Maggie Ann said...

What a sweet post! Makes me feel like that song don't you know..'oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day!'...I'm glad you shared are a good writer and make us feel like you are really talking with us. That is what I want to be like on my blog...sometimes I think I accomplish that and other times probably not. Grin.

Amy R said...

Hi Pat.
I saw Julie and Julia last night. I sat there thinking of myself. And I thought of you. You are a Julie to me. I read your blog every time you post. My husband doesn't understand it. But, I've found kindred spirits through their blogs. You buoy me. "You," the blogs I follow, got me through last week. My oldest son moved to Austin, Texas from Michigan to try to make a life for himself. He was floundering here. So, I was glad I had my blogs to feel my soul and keep my company as I watched him pack. And, now that he's moved, I just know you will all be there for me. Feeding my creative soul through your works and your words. Thanks for listening to your son and writing about what interest you. You have followers. I'm one of them!

Anne said...


I subscribe to your blog feeds, so I get an email alerting me to new posts. I get giddy with excitement and am always awed when I see your work. I so enjoy reading your posts. Your son is indeed a very smart man with sage advice about writing.

Thanks for helping me along with my pincushion project. And thanks, too, for graciously allowing me to use your drawing. I think it’s much easier for a novice to embark on the unknown when there is an accomplished expert to lean on for assistance!

I love the bird house/nest music box. It’s perfect for you! How thoughtful of Nancy.

Thanks again for helping me get started with ribbon embroidery and for sharing yourself and your amazing artistry with others.

Dolores said...

It is so nice to have someone express their appreciation of other bloggers as well as you have. Yes, this venue does connect us from far and wide.
Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

Karen said...

We are out here reading!! Glad you got such a lovely surprise!! Keep up the lovely job you do of inspiring me to be more creative. Some days are just easier than others to be inspired and what I see online helps me to get by!! Thanks again!

Aida Costa said...

That's very heartwarming! :) I'm sure many people feel the same way about blogging. I just treat mine as an extension of my design journals, it's more for my own benefit and as a way to try and keep accountable to myself regarding my projects. I figure somewhere along the way someone might be inspired by something I post just as I'm hugely inspired by so many wonderful bloggers out there.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I love reading your blog and the different things you write about. I also always enjoy your photos and the bits about your husband. Sandi in AL

Raggy said...

Hi Pat, I am in the UK and read your blog with great interest whenever you post. Unfortunately I don't have time to write comments about all the blogs I read and have to be selective because of this. I suppose that is what happens on my blogs as I have very few comments but I just keep plodding on as I know that there are people out there reading it. Keep up the good work as I find your work and your posts fascinating.
Sandie from Rag Rescue

Dyann said...

I recently discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading it very much! Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories and your beautiful needlework. You are an inspiration!

Dyann in Searcy, AR

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

I feel like i'm sitting on your front porch when i visit your blog.
Your doing needle work, and I'm rocking and sipping lemonade.
Would you please pass the shortbread?

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A Bit of Heaven
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