Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day Trip to Batesville or "What Happens at Marshall's Stays at Marshall's"

Every once in a while you need to take a little day trip, you know....just to get away from the "everyday" and have a few laughs with friends. So, yesterday I had the pleasure of taking a day trip with my friends, Bibi and Sherry. We decided to go to Batesville, a small town northeast of Searcy. It takes about thirty minutes or so to get there and the scenery is we went!

Our goal was to eat lunch at Elizabeth's (a nice place to get a "plate" lunch, located on Main street) then go down the street to Marshall's Fabrics. Of course, quiltmakers and other sewing enthusiasts would want to go there! We have lost many of our fabric stores in this neck of the woods, so having an opportunity to visit this one was drawing us to it like a magnet.

Lunch was wonderful! My favorite part was the homemade rolls....absolutely delicious!!!!

You can see the FABRIC sign from the front door of Elizabeth's, so a short drive and we were you see the photo I took right from the car as we drove up in front of Marshall's.
A pretty nondescript kind of warehouse building. Years ago they were closer to Elizabeth's but they moved to this location which is larger...gosh, I don't remember when, but it's bigger inside than it looks outside.

We can't shop in the wholesale section, but the retail section is plenty big for you see rows of fabrics....I've caught some other shoppers between rows. It's kind of like a treasure hunt to tell the truth. You may visit for yourself at

I took a photo of Sherry's purchases....see the size of her sack! She was very conservative, but pleased with what she found.

Then, there's my sacks.....plural......plenty full of delicious new fabrics, calling my name to take them home with me! I've plans for some, but like every devout fabric lover, some of it "I just wanted" because I like it a lot.

Here is my friend Bibi...with her loot! She had never been there before, but Sherry and I had.
Bibi managed to find several pieces and already wants to return sometime. That's what happens at a place like this.

I could get into the story of who spent the most, who had the most pieces of fabric, and all that, but we have decided that "what happens at Marshall's...stays at Marshall's!!! It's the only way to do it....

Then, of course, no trip would be complete without stopping at a Flea Market, which we did. We even managed to shop at a Flea Market that was closed!! One of the vendors just happened to be there, moving some things to another location, and allowed us to shop for about half an hour or so. Need I say that several things came along with us on the ride home?

A great day trip....a fun time with friends....and just the right amount of "loot." What a FUN day! We will definitely do it again sometime soon. Take care, pat


Lizzie said...

Oh my Pat, I wish we had a Marshalls here, I think I would have to take up residence. I'm coming to the sad conclusion that it's probably a good thing I live in Australia and NOT America.....sigh.

brenco1 said...

It doesn't look like it all stayed at Marshall's. Can't wait to see your treasures.

Anonymous said...

AIGH!!!! Another "field trip" taken without me! The agony!!!!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

I'm palpitating over the brown with pink roses. A fabric store, much more tempting than a candy store, and healthier too!



Oh my dear Patri! what a good day with your friends! and you are so lucky to find a Marshall's not far away.Lovely day and lovely post. Have a good day!

sparkle jars said...

That sounds like heaven to me. I'm going up to the lake with friends tomorrow and visiting some of the quilt shops. :-)

Judy said...

Oh Pat, what a wonderful day you had with lovely friends. Looks like you all had a wonderful time finding lots and lots of goodies to take home.

fiberdoodles said...

What a fun day. I so have to check this place out ;)


Anonymous said...
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