Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Three Hearts"

Well, it IS February, what I call "Valentine month." Maybe this year we will call it "SNOW" month instead though. Today, I am feeling bad for you on the east coast...blizzards and all that happening. We just thought we had a lot of snow here.

This morning I received a call from a lady in the area. She was looking for the A/C repairman who happens to have the same last name as I do. She had a phone number, but no one was answering it and as her heating system wasn't working, she thought maybe we had another number for him. As it turns out, I DID have his cell phone number, as he works on our system when it's needed and although we aren't related, he always calls me his cousin, because I get a lot of calls for him. I sure hope he could help this lady. Taking that call this morning, plus seeing the news of so much snow elsewhere, makes me feel very fortunate indeed.

So, back to the you know, I LOVE hearts and make them often. Here are two "old"ones and a new one. Isn't this Valentine card pretty? I bought it quite a few years ago and gave it to that old navy guy. He said...'You'd better save this one." So, I still have it. On a trip to Paducah, Kentucky, I purchased this card at a downtown bookstore. Several friends and I used to make a pilgrimage to Paducah regularly to visit that wonderful Hancock's Fabric store and the quilt museum....not during the show there, usually the week before. If you go a week ahead of time, you can shop Hancock's til you drop with virtually no one bumping into your cart! Anyway, I have enjoyed this pretty card every year and so does the navy guy.

Then, there is a large felt heart. I can't remember if I've shown this to you before. It's seven inches from top to bottom. I really like the embroidery on this one and intend to reproduce it in regular fabrics and maybe other colors....well, it's on the "list" anyway. I've used 7MM ribbon on this, beading the flower centers and using some random French Knots, "just because."

Last, a small heart I made just the other day from one of my vintage dresser scarf backgound fabrics. It's four inches long, with a simple beaded edge. One of my favorite motifs to stitch is the tiny little heart embroidered in Satin Stitch on this piece. The hearts are tedious, but so cute!!! I have it in my head to make a basket full of hearts this year.....of various fabrics, designs, etc. Who knows...I may actually do it!

Sure hope you are well and your day is safe, warm and happy. I'll see you again for Valentine's Day.......take care out there, pat


brenco1 said...

Never get enough of your hearts and your words. Thank you for sharing.

Cottage Rose said...

Hi Pat; Love your Gorgeous Hearts,, I have always wanted to try my hand at ribbon work,, some day I will.... such a pretty Valentine Card,, I can see why he wanted to keep it...


Anne said...

Love all of the pretty hearts. I am drawn to your use of texture, as well as color. I also love the rich contrast between the ruby beading and the cream fabric on your "Love" heart.

Cherry Hill Cottage~ said...

Love your hearts Pat, love my vintage tablecloth...
have you on blog today...

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

First time visitor. Your hearts are beautiful . . beautiful blog!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I just love the very simple one Pat! I always get inspired when I see what you've done. blessings, marlene

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