Saturday, March 13, 2010

"A New Art Venture"

Well, it's getting late on a Saturday night and I am exhausted. Why, you say? Well, I've spent all day at a new art venture here in Searcy, talking to other artists and having the best time. Artists are such nice people! So, let me tell you the story.....

My daughter, Kelly and her sweet friend, Micah, have begun a cooperative for artists here in Searcy. Everything has happened so quickly...over the last four or five weeks, that we are just amazed at what happened today. Kelly has long wanted to open "a place for artists" here, but never could find the right place, time, etc. A few weeks ago, she got into a conversation with a person in town with an empty building and no tennant....the person made her an offer she couldn't refuse, she called Micah and after weeks of cleaning, painting, planning, facebooking, making more art, spreading the word, etc., 'we' had a unofficial opening today. Who knew what would happen?

Not expecting a lot of visitors (today was all 'by word of mouth' and facebook), but wanting to give a day of operation a try before the grand opening in April....the studio opened at 9:00 and we closed the doors after 5:00 p.m. Little did we know that we would be crowded with shoppers, artists, families, and friends the whole day long. We finally got a drink of water and lunch around 2:30! We actually sold more than we ever thought, met some lovely new people, and laughed and chatted all day. It was amazing!

The photos I am showing you here are #1 One of Kelly's paintings. #2 Some of my brother-in-law's paintings. #3 One of my niece's paintings. (One really nice thing is that my family has art from six members included in the coop. Kelly, her husband Rick, me, her Aunt Sandy, her cousin Gina, and her Uncle Don! What a family!) #4 Micah (on the left) and Kelly (on the right)....two wonderful, hardworking, talented, gorgeous girls!!! #5 My grandson, Tyler, and his girlfriend, Sarah, stopped by to take a look after he got off work. He was as excited as we were.

Since both Kelly and Micah have jobs, Kelly, a real estate broker and Micah, a hair dresser (plus she has young kids), time is precious, so for now the plan is to open the studio one Saturday a month...making it a special 'destination' for friends and shoppers. And, we definitely think that will work, but should that change, special events will still be held on the Second Saturday of each month. Everyone seemed to be very should know that there isn't much going on in the art world of Searcy...the most common comment we received today was..."oh, we need this so badly." One lady said she was practically giddy with excitement.

So.....after standing up all day and talking myself silly....I'm going to fall into bed with a book, hopefully to sleep. A task made difficult now because my mind is tumbling over itself with lots of ideas. What FUN!

Why don't you click here Second Saturday Studio and see lots of photos taken by my daughter of the artwork and can read bios, etc., with more to come once she gets a good night's sleep! We are so excited! take care, pat


Sharon said...

I can only imagine how exciting the day must have been. It all looks beautiful and now I'm going to pop over to the other site and look some more.

kellyvanhook said...

Mom, your post is precious! Thank you so much...for your time, your invaluable insight and most of all, your patience with me! We had a blast and were so happy you could be with us for almost the whole day! We look forward to hearing your ideas, as we know you have a lot of them and they are usually spot on! Love you much and thanks again...

kellyvanhook said...

Thanks for checking us out Sharon! Your advice would be welcome as you are so admired by us all...Mom adores you, but of course, you are aware of that! It was exciting and fun...much needed in our area!

Memaw's memories said...

The art looks great. I know you had a wonderful time. If you are interested in getting acquainted with other Arkansas Bloggers, go to this link;

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The Bird Nest on the Ground Studio
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A Bit of Heaven
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