Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mother's Day Giveaway Winner(s)

Well, it's after 10:00 p.m. on Sunday night, so I'm ready to announce the winner of the Mother's Day GiveAway. I had some time to think about this since I posted the giveaway on Thursday. Since I had two of Brenda's needlebooks, I have decided to also give the second one (and more goodies) to a second lucky person. Yea!!!!

The first needlebook (and all it's assorted goodies), (pink) as shown here and on the previous post, will be sent to Maya in India. Maya, I am thrilled to be sending something from my Nest to your home.

Having the two needlebooks and feeling the need to really share....the second needlebook and it's goodies will be sent to Francien in Holland. I'm so excited to do this as it really is more fun to give than to receive.

The second needlebook is green and I've beaded it's edges also...such fun to do. I wanted to add photos of all the goodies accompanying this needlebook, but my camera battery was it's charging and I'll try to add more photos tomorrow. (Monday a.m., the new photo has been added!)

Thanks to you all for your kind comments and continued reading of this blog....I really do appreciate each and every one of you. Take care, pat


Francien said...

OH Pat!! I got to receive a needlebook from you as lucky can i get and what a great start in the new week...i am of to work in a minute but wanted to write you a.s.a.p.that this really made my day..thank you very much...looking so forward to the package..and Maya...congratulations!!
Greetings Francien.

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

a lovely give away, hope the ladies enjoy their pressies.

Vivian said...

I know these ladies will appreciate the lovely gifts they have won. Thank you for being so generous.

Maggie Ann said...

wow, how fantastic!

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