Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Crazy Quilt Doll

Today I've decided to show you Monique, my crazy-quilt doll. She's old now, made many years ago because of a class I took in Little Rock taught by elinor peace bailey. I call her my 'crazy quilt doll' because her jacket is made in the crazy quilt style with silk ribbon embroidery.

elinor came to teach us how to make dolls, something I had done before, but not like this, so I immediately signed up for the class along with several of my friends. We had a blast. I must confess, I had a good bit of her made before the class started. Have a I ever mentioned that I am a lousy student? I thought I should at least have the basics done beforehand or I'd never get anywhere in the class. I enjoyed the class very much...elinor will make you feel good! And, dear that she is, she painted this beautiful face for me....naturally, picking roses to paint since that's what I was adding to the clothes. OR, did I make the clothes to match the's been so long I don't remember. Anyway, I think she is delightful and she's handling her age well.

I wanted to make the jacket from a piece of crazy quilting with embroidery and silk ribbon roses...and it turned out fairly well. Then, I took the rose theme and carried it out with rose fabric, some purchased rose trim and more of my hand embroidery along hems, etc. She has a skirt, underskirt and green pantaloons, also embroidered and embellished. And, I love her shoes! She has a little drawstring bag, complete with some change in it, beads at her neck and I used a real ladies veil with feathers, purchased from the local flea market. A mixture of yarns for hair, some beads for earrings and there she is...all decked out!

Monique is made from elinor's pattern "Monique, a French Bed Doll" and she's approximately 28 inches tall. Actually, I've never measured, but I do remember one reason I wanted to make her was her long legs. I've always envied long legs. Well, I'm 5'1", what would you expect?

So, there you crazy quilt doll...I'm thinking I should make more dolls....I've an angel I might show you one day....and I like it quite well....more on the primitive side. You never know what I will do, so hopefully, you will 'stay tuned.' And, if you ever get a chance to take a class from elinor, as I not will love it! take care out there, pat


Mrs. P. said...

Isn't she a beauty :)


Francien said...

Is there anything you can`t do in crafting Pat??...what a lovely doll!!..beautifull the face!! ..i now and then make some ragdolls..they are fun to make too...but your Monique is much more elegant...and much more work on the lovely details you put in there...
greetings Francien.

Christy said...

Hey Pat .... why don't you make another doll holding a BASKET filled with HEARTS!! *winkwink* heeheehee

Pat said...

Christy, I don't think I'll make another of these took me many hours...but I LOVE the idea of a doll holding a basket of hearts...might do that for sure. Thanks for the idea. pat

Anne said...

Your lovely Monique brings to mind a Frank Sinatra song:

When they see Monique, I know they'll understand

Monique, Monique
I've hungered so for this--
Monique, Monique
The magic of your kiss!

Monique, Monique
Was Paris always there?
Monique, Monique
I didn't know or care

But why am I dancing, my friends may well demand
I'll tell them Monique, Monique held my hand
When they see Monique, I'm sure they'll understand!

This song befits your lovely Monique, Pat! I love her exquisitely painted face, charming quilted attire, haute-couture chapeau, lacy hosiery, and most of all, her pointy pumps! Thanks for sharing!

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