Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 4th of July - My Flag Quilt

Well, the year is half over now...and boy, did it go by fast! And, Sunday we will be celebrating our independence...what a great HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!! There is no better an object to show on a blog on this particular holiday than the American Flag. Now you know I have one on the porch of our house and also this studio...but I wanted to show you one I made.

This is my flag quilt....I actually made this quilt for a class I taught at our guild retreat several years ago. I chose this version of our flag because 13 stars are fewer than 50 and I wanted them to be able to finish the top in class. We were to learn to draw our own feather designs. It was a big hit and we all enjoyed every minute....several of these were made by my students to be sent to their husbands away from home with the military, which made me very proud.

So, here you are.....this little quilt (24" x 36" approximately), is rather quick to make...well, the top is anyway. It took longer to applique the stars than to piece the flag. Yes, the stars are hand-appliqued and the quilt is hand-quilted. And, it was a pleasure to quilt. (By the way....there are also some wavy lines quilted in with the feathers...I thought it would signify the wind kind of blowing the flag.)

While I was working on this quilt, I wondered what I would do for a label....and for some reason, the Gettysburg address popped right into my head. So, I looked it up, wrote it out on muslin and appliqued it to the back of this quilt. (Notice the fabric on the back...Lady Liberty...chosen specifically for this quilt...I thought it was so appropriate.)

Every year, I hang this quilt either in my house, or, in the studio.....and, as it is in mint condition, I suspect I'll be hanging it every year I'm alive. Then, hopefully, someone else will do the same. So, all of you out there....please have a lovely 4th of July and enjoy it in good health, especially all our troops doing their very best to keep us free! take care, pat


Mrs Yappy Dog said...

Happy 4th July!

Sherry said...

Beautiful hand stitching; beautiful flag! I have one started somewhere...

Sherry in Little Rock

Vivian said...

I absolutely love your flag quilt. The feathers and waving line quilting are perfect. Happy 4th of July to you!

Melissa said...

The Gettysburg Address is the perfect touch imho.

shannonphelps said...

Read that you offered this as a class in the past. Wondering if it would be possible to purchase a pattern as I would love to make this for my 5th grade classroom. I and could come by to pick it (pattern) up. Also, since you love old things, wanted you to check out Olivers Antiques the next time you're in Jacksonville. It is one of my favorite finds, and I know you'll love it too.

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