Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Tables are Back!

At the beginning of the summer I showed some photos of my studio and told about the tables and chairs I have in the Nest for students and friends who visit. I mentioned that they were 'on loan' to Second Saturday Studio for a few weeks. Well, they're back!!

I thought I should show you what the studio looks like when the tables and chairs are set up. In this configuration, I can seat out pretty well when it's my turn for my monthly group meeting. I can also rearrange the tables (4) and seat more (I have 16 chairs altogether) or, I can remove some chairs and a table or two and seat fewer for a more intimate, more roomy, gathering. While these tables and chairs were out on loan, I kind of enjoyed how much larger the room seemed, but I must confess, it is nice to have 'my people' sitting in here on occasion! I once had a group of seventeen in here to work on their own projects. It was kind of crowded, but we had a lot of FUN anyway. Then, one year, I had Thanksgiving dinner out here in the Nest...there were 24 people. Later that night, we had our 1st family art show here....we moved lots of things out of the way, set the chairs in a semi-circle and each artist got up to show their artwork. It was fun!

Yesterday, I was out here working and got into one of those 'moods' when all I want to do is MOVE I rearranged my desk with it's resident computer and the table I sit at to do my handwork projects. If you've seen my Nest photos before, you might notice they have been moved back into an arrangement I've used before. I get 'antsy' once in a while and have to move SOMETHING. So, this time I've placed the desk and my table 'backsides together' and they will stay that way until I get the 'next big urge.' One of the photos was taken looking across the room from my's kind of hard to get the proper perspective, but you get the idea, I know.

I also wanted to show you this doll I purchased on my last 'hunting and gathering' expedition.
Did I need a doll? NO. But this one said..."please take me know you love me!" So, I did. I looked her up on Google and she is "Emma, the Gardener" a Carmen Manago doll. She's just so darn cute...and there is a bird on her hat! Not to mention that dear coat she's wearing.
I'm enjoying looking over and seeing her sitting in that old chair I've put out in the Nest from another flea market trip.

That's all I've got for tonight. I'm working on a couple of projects I may show here soon, so I hope you will visit again....meantime...enjoy your own personal sanctuaries and I hope you find some treasures of your own when you are out and about. take care, pat


Vivian said...

Hey Pat, It sounds like your glad to have your tables back. Sounds like a lot of fun can be had when you have a crowd. Can't wait to see what you are working on now.

fiberdoodles said...

The doll is adorable!

I've been gone two days and you moved something (ha). You crack me up ;0)

Francien said...

That's all I've got for tonight you wrote...for me there is a whole lot to see...i love the studio!! must be a awesome place to be...and i saw the little birds...the are great on the table there...and what fun you must have with people to dinner or having the same interest in crafts and showing of there projects..o.about projects...cant wait to see yours!!
Thanks for sharing...great to see your Nest!!
greeting Francien.

Anne said...

I enjoy perusing all the tempting candy in that store! I cannot think of a more lovely space in which to celebrate Thanksgiving! It's my kind of space. You've created a very special atelier, Pat. Looking forward to the unveiling of your current projects!

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