Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vintage Style Embroidery and New Fabric

On the 23rd, I told you about our monthly group meeting at Carol Ann's. One of our members is my friend, Susan. She and her Mom attend whenever possible. This time Susan handed me a bag of fabric. She had recently finished a quilt for Jean, her mom. It is just gorgeous...and in my favorite colors. No, I don't have a photo of it unfortunately. Being the nice, generous person she is.....the bag held the leftover fabrics from that quilt.

When I got home with the bag and began to put things away, I found a pattern envelope hidden between the fabrics. It was a wonderful surprise, as Susan knows how much I love vintage hand embroidery. This pattern is just full of lovely little vintage style motifs. I shall use it happily and think of Susan when I do. There are 150 motifs in it. O Happy Day!!!

I've photographed this pattern with some of Susan's quilt fabrics as a background. Pink and green...how delicious! There are enough fabrics here to make another entire quilt...and perhaps more. I'm also showing you the fabrics all together. See, I told you she was generous! Thank you Susan!

While I was looking at the motifs in this pattern, I remembered a little 'day gown' I made for my daughter when she was a baby. So, I got it out of the drawer with her other tiny little clothes and decided to show it to you also. I was twenty-three in 1967 when my daughter was born. I made lots of clothes for her....and this little gown was one of the first. The whole thing was made entirely by hand...except for the buttonholes. I've no idea why I made them on the machine! At that time, I'd never sewn on any buttons that tiny...I remember loving those! I've learned a lot about sewing since then and you can tell it by looking at this gown, then looking at things I make today. I do remember being awfully proud of myself for making it. No one in my family sewed, so I was learning seam by seam and embroidery stitch by embroidery stitch. (An additional note: the background fabric shown here is for a quilt backing...so unlike my taste...you'll see the finished quilt one of these days!)

At the time I made this gown, I had been sewing since I was fourteen.....and embroidering little pieces I bought at the 'dime store' in my little town. But, this little gown was special....made for a special little girl. And, they are both even more special now that I'm getting older.

I'm going to make some more sweet little things one of these days....and this pattern will really come in handy then. I might even sew some of them onto my special little pincushions, or a heart. Susan had no idea what memories she would stir up! Isn't it nice to have friends who pay attention and know what you like? I'd say so. Y'all take care out there....pat


Cathy K said...

What a beautiful and precious little gown that is! And all by hand.... wow, I’m impressed. And your friend is very generous (lucky you!). The fabrics are gorgeous. What a delightful post! Hugs, Cathy

fiberdoodles said...

What a sweet little gown! It is just so precious. And those fabrics are SO you ;0)

Happy sewing sweet friend!

Peonies & Magnolias said...

I love the day gown, it is so beautiful. Those fabrics and embroidery patterns are wonderful, great friend you have there. I can't wait for my granddaughter to get here so I can make her some cute things.
Have a great day.


Anne said...

Precious gown! Love how the blanket stitches mimic a collar. What lovely memories! You are right to describe your windfall fabric collection as luscious! Can't wait to see your completed projects!

FredaB said...

You did a great job on the baby dress for a beginner. Should have told you then how good you would end up being as a stitcher.

The fabrics from your friend are lovely.



Thearica said...

The baby gown is so precious and delicate! Makes me yearn for when my girls were infants.

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