Friday, September 17, 2010

AWOL, Part 2

It's time for Part 2 of my AWOL 'report.' As you may remember, yesterday, I attended my monthly group meeting and thought I would post when I got home. Well......friend Bibi and I managed to spend way more time "out and about' than we planned, so it was after 7:00 when we returned home. Listen, when you have to go to Little Rock for your group meeting, then try to shop for all the things you need to work with in just a few hours....getting home promptly just doesn't work sometimes. Yesterday was one of those times. So...posting just didn't happen. (Neither did finding everything we needed, but that's another whole story!)

Tonight, I am showing you some more photos of the 4H Center were we held our AWOL retreat. Just a few more. I'd like for you to see what a lovely place it is. Tomorrow, I'll finish out the report by showing you our classrooms and let you see the group at work. Such fun!

The first photo is of the Rose garden. The roses are all miniature.....there is a water fountain, benches to sit on.....and a view of the lake. It's just beautiful....although at this time of the year, here, the roses are looking a bit 'done.' It's a sunny spot and has several tables and chairs to sit at and watch the wildlife....birds, of course.

There is a wonderful gazebo near water's edge. I like to go out there at least once during my visits and quietly sit. It's very calming. To the left of the gazebo are boats. I expect they take the kids out on occasion and fish. While sitting there this time,I saw a huge fish leap out of the water. Kind of like he was saying HELLO! Loved it.

From the gazebo, you can see the rose garden which is right outside the cafeteria. It's also nice to be IN the cafeteria and look out at the lake, the hills, etc. The whole place is just beautiful and outdoors, where these photos were's very PEACEFUL. I just love it.

Between two of the lodging buildings is what I call "The Quiet Place." You see it here. It's pretty secluded. I just love that little tree! I don't know if anyone other than staff, and those lodging in the last building, know this tiny little place is here. It's another place to go when you need to relax....well, you know...quilting with lots of friends, working hard and laughing a lot, sometimes requires that you visit a quiet place at least a few minutes each day.

I'm leaving you tonight with a quick glance at my friend, Marty. I noticed her working off to herself in the conference of our 'overflow' rooms during this event. So, I snapped a photo quickly and said not a word.

Tomorrow I will show you more quilters and what they were doing. I think you might enjoy seeing
what a few quilters can do to a large, very nice room!!! Meantime, enjoy your Friday and Saturday! pat

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Vivian said...

I used to be a 4-H leader and went to the center a couple of times. That was many years ago. The school I used to teach at takes the 6th-8th graders there for a science camp each year, but I didn't get to go. It looks like they have added to it and it is really beautiful. Reading quietly in the gazebo would be awesome.

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