Sunday, October 10, 2010

A "Find" Up Close

Yesterday I received an email from my friend, Sherry, reminding me that I hadn't posted in a while. No pressure, of course, but she was right...I've once again been busy and let the days get away from me. So, today, I'm determined to post 'something' of interest....and if my friend, Karen, is reading this...well, she likes to see my flea market finds, so hopefully others will too, because this is what I could come up with to talk about today.

On Friday, I received a call from Jessica at Green Alley. She has a new vendor who has brought in some 'old' fabric and wanted to tell me about it right away. So to Green Alley I went. Not that I NEED any know what this studio looks like....but 'just to see.' Well, I looked and was pretty much underwhelmed by the fabric....maybe ten years old or so....preprinted quilt blocks and that kind of thing. Not my idea of 'old.' Nothing I would actually use. I did find a nice black print and that was it.

Well, I was IN the flea market, so decided to take a look around. Of course. And, I found this print. Immediately it latched itself onto me, so of course, I brought it home.

Some info: The print is approximately 16" x 24" and the frame is approximately 26" x 34." I paid $25 for it. It is a signed and dated limited edition print by Larry Dodson, "FIRST SNOW FALL," 1982, #73/1500. It has a copy of the print on the back of the frame with all the pertinent information. I just love it. Which is the reason it came home with me. I've no idea if it is worth much....but that's never stopped me before...I like it!

I've put it on my mantel where I can enjoy that old house on the hill, the barn across the way, the cows....those beautiful winter trees and that old fence with the cardinals. I love snow scenes, old fence rows like this one, and always.....trees and old houses. It had to live here! Another plus....the old navy man likes it!

So, there you are. Another post from me to you. You enjoy your Sunday and take care, pat


Micah Holden said...

hmmm, neato... the search is on!
Well, I'M a collector of Patricia Eaton Art. Ever heard of her? Her art is a treasure!

Vivian said...

I love that print and it looks great on your mantle. I wish I had a flea market close by. I love to just browse hoping I'll find that special something.

deb/purpleprincesstx said...

Pat, you are NOT getting are only becoming better like a fine wine!
Have a happy, happy b'day tomorrow! I miss you!
Love, deb

PS: We should've gone to the flea market when I was there! Argh!

PSS: Hi, Richard! ;-D

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A Bit of Heaven
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