Saturday, October 2, 2010

Flea Market Goodies

One of my blogging friends recently asked when I would post my current flea market finds. You may remember me saying a couple of months ago that I was going to try and limit my flea market fun to once or twice a month. I have managed to do that even though I truly did not have my heart into has just worked out that way. This past week, I did manage to visit one with my friend, Sharon.

I followed her to Olivers in Jacksonville. I say followed, because I needed to go to Sherwood to pick up my father-in-law, so the two of us going in the same car would not have worked. We will save that for another time. I had not been to Olivers before. It is a very nice place with lots of pretty enticements.

Then, this morning, that old navy man decided he would go with me to Green Alley here in town. Since we both needed to get out of the house for a sounded good to me, so off we went.

Here is the loot from both flea market visits. As you can see, I did not go overboard, but really do like the few things I managed to find. An old ledger. I figure I can use this to make a wonderful journal...I see so many of these made by artists in the Stampington magazines...and they always make me want one...especially those created by Lori Oles. You can see some of her work at her in several of the Stampington magazines, which you can also find listed on her blog. Luscious!

There is a photo of a little girl in a pretty ruffled dress. I see ruffles everywhere these days...what goes around, comes around, they say. She is really cute!

Some pink and yellow those colors together. I suppose these will find their way onto something I will be making...soon (?) Well, do not hold me to that, but you never know.

Now, those keys! Had to have them...why I have no idea. I like that they are all brown with different shapes. Lace is something I am always looking for. Here is a hanky with gorgeous corners. It will also be used to create something, but what? I have no idea - it will be fun to figure it out though. There is also that oval embroidered piece. I am thinking I will embroider words in it and frame it in some old fashioned way. Kind of like a sampler....sounds good to me and would be right up my alley, as they say.

Then lastly, the photo of the sweetest young couple. I could not leave this photograph in the store. (This one came from Olivers!) It was hanging up high, which meant I could not really see it very well, but I knew I was going to buy it anyway because they were just irresistible. The girl working in the store got it down for me and the minute it got into my hands and I read Our Friendship will ever last...well, the deal was done! (I wish the picture was better...I just simply could not get a good photograph of it.) This may be my all time favorite vintage photo!

So, there you are...more flea market goodies. I always enjoy the hunting and gathering of my precious things. Even that old navy man found a really neat drill that you operate like an old hand cranked egg beater. He enjoyed the hunt too....a good day out and about for both of us.
Hope you are enjoying your hunting and gathering too! Take care, pat


fiberdoodles said...

Pat I so enjoyed our field trip. We will have to do it again real soon! But what you failed to mention was that the look on your face while reading that darling picture of the young couple was priceless. And the death grip you had on it was just the same ;0)

Barbara C said...

You have such a great eye Pat. Everything you chose is lovely. I agree the photo of the couple is charming.

Vivian said...

I love linens and lace also. Glad you were able to get out of the house for awhile.

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

Great finds! I am always sad to see photos at flea markets. You have some lovely things :)


Peonies & Magnolias said...

Boggles the mind that some people sell their relatives but you sure made a great haul. So glad you found them. Have a wonderful week.


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