Monday, February 14, 2011

Even More Hearts

Well, here it is...Valentine's Day. From my heart to yours, hope your day was a happy one. As are more hearts to celebrate not only today, but the whole month of February.

My newest heart earrings. They look kinda rosey pink here, but are really very RED. And, vintage looking....just my kind of thing...and I love French Hook earrings too. I'll be wearing these soon. Well, maybe I'll need a new garment to 'go' with them first.

A friend gave me a pincushion with a red heart straight pin in it....I couldn't rest til I found more and intend to add one to various pincushions leaving my Nest to go somewhere else to live. I just love these....notice I bought them at JoAnn's....if you just can't wait to have some of your own. There are leaves available too....another of my favorite motifs!

Here, also, is a bird I made some time back. As you can see, it's a Christmas bird, but it also has a Satin Stitch heart on its' breast. The bird is about four inches from beak to tail and the heart is about 3/4 of an inch. Love those Satin Stitch hearts!

Long ago I found this 3/4 inch copper heart cookie cutter and always love using it....makes great little piecrust heart cookies. You know we can't waste the dough trimmed from the pie when we flute the edges. My kids always liked the pie dough baked with some cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on them...hearts or sometimes circles made with a thimble. I must say, I think they are awfully cute myself! Do you see the cute white glass heart-shaped leaf beads??? Love those too...(thank you, Debbie!)

And, lastly.....wouldn't you know...the key to my backyard studio also has a heart included on the chain. Not to be left do my car keys. Well, we just have to have all our little favorite things, don't we?

So, more hearts with more to come.....sure hope your day was a very special one. Do take care out there! pat


fiberdoodles said...

Happy Valentine's Day sweet friend!

vicki said...

Hi Pat - love all the Valentine photos - your bird is exquisite! Happy Valentines Day to you~~


Vivian said...

Love the heart earrings. I bet they look great with your hair. The bird with the heart is really cute.

Happy Valentines Day, Pat.

Christy said...

Awwww. Nice! I'm going to the JoAnns site to find those pins! hahaha. Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day.

Anonymous said...

Hi...I had to come over and see what you have been up to...Your new heart earrings are lovely...the bird you stitched is wonderful...the cookie cutter...I all your heart treasures!

FredaB said...

Happy Val;entines day a bit late. Better late then never as the saying goes. JoAnnes here I come. I could really use some new pins and these are so cute.

That heart in the snow was meant just for you. I have seen vegetables in the shape of hearts but never a stone. I bought some radishes at the market a couple of weeks ago and when I was cleaning them one had 2 extra growths on the bottom and it looked just like a paw. I showed it to Harv and then threw it out. couldn't imagine eating a paw.



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