Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Great 2011 AWOL Heart-Shaped Rock Hunt

Well, as I'm beginning this post, I've become aware of the fact that this is my 300th post. I knew it was coming, of course, but really, I hadn't actually made plans for a special subject to talk about or anything. Now that I'm sitting in front of my computer needing to acknowledge this important occasion, I find myself without any real profound thing to talk about. Imagine that!

So, let me just say I can't believe I've written all these posts and you are STILL HERE. It's amazing!!! I don't know what keeps you returning, but I'm glad you do return and I hope you are enjoying what I choose to talk about and show you. I'm doing my best to be ME and at the same time publish something of interest to you. I'm assuming you are interested or you wouldn't be here which just makes my day!

Since there is no really deep subject for this 300th Post.....I've decided to tell you about last weekend...remember, I attended my guild's AWOL retreat. You all know what happened. We all got together at the 4H Center at Ferndale, brought all our really 'cool' stuff to work on for three days and proceeded to eat, talk, laugh, share, quilt, embroider, and basically wear ourselves out. Oh, what FUN! The first photo here was taken from my lodging room about 7:00 a.m. Saturday morning....pretty, isn't it?

When I left home Friday morning, I decided that I had to make myself take my daily walk, no matter what. So, I did. And, here's what happened:

I walked for 25 minutes each day....good to get outdoors, get some sun, some fresh air, observe the ducks, and relax, especially since I know we are all going to stay up well into the night. Have I told you that I'm not an exercise fan? One look at me and you would automatically know that, but since the doctor made me promise to go walking for at least fifteen minutes a day....I'm obligated to do so...rather I want to or not. OK, I'm willing, but I need some encouragement. During these daily walks and knowing there had to be some inspiration to keep me walking....I decided to search for heart-shaped rocks as I walked.
It became my GOAL and if exercise was the result...well, fine. The routine: walk briskly, slow down and look for rocks...walk briskly...slow down, look for rocks, and so on.

And guess what - I found some!!!! Now, you don't really know me, so you've no idea how excited life can be when I FIND something...whether it's rocks or a really cool item from the flea market...or that book, pattern, ribbon or whatever I've just spent three hours searching for. I can get excited and I actually FOUND a heart-shaped rock. On arrival back into the classroom, a bit of bragging and showing off of the rocks had to be done. You can see them here. The second photo is of the FIVE rocks I found....four hearts and a BIRD! Can you see it...ok, WORK WITH ME HERE...not perfect hearts and birds, but with a little imagination, well, the rocks do become hearts and birds! I was met with some doubt when showing off my new treasures, after all, not everyone can see a heart or a bird in the form of a rock....but I know YOU can.

Friend, Jim, who became smitten with the idea and enjoys the thrill of the 'hunt,' decided to launch a search of his own. So, out he went for his own personal walk. Back in he came with the rocks in photo three. Very nice. Inspiring even. And, another bird, too. He was quite pleased to present these rock to me. We evidently speak a different language than the rest of the group so lots of eyebrows were raised in wonderment at our apparently strange interest in gathering odd looking rocks and then getting excited about them. Jim likes to be an overachiever, so to find as many rocks as I did...he chose to cheat and presented me with the rocks painted with hearts. They almost look like cookies! Well, the hunt was fun. We laughed and so did everyone else. Laughter is the best medicine. And, now I have a wonderful collection of heart-shaped rocks. I will treasure them and you can bet, the search will continue.

Don't you love the last photo - the two rock birds. I outlined the rocks and drew a little branch with some leaves...making a little paper souvenir. Two cute birds from a weekend with dear, I don't know about everyone else at the retreat...but, I sure did enjoy the weekend and I will ALWAYS remember the Great 2011 AWOL Heart-Shaped Rock Hunt!!!
take care, pat

PS. As for posts 301+, who knows what I will share with you....we'll see...and thank you so much for your continued interest and support as I live my life at the Nest.


Julie Fukuda said...

You Rock! Now I am not the only one with a pile of memory rocks!
Keep those posts comin'.

fiberdoodles said...

Pat first off, congrats on your 300th post! I adore your blog, your inspiring posts and YOU!

AWOL was a LOT of fun and your rock hunt was obviously contagious as you and Jim were not the only ones intrigued by these oddly shaped stones. I can't help but giggle and think back to when I was a small child and when owning a pet rock meant you were "cool". So my dear friend, you are the COOLEST! Keep collecting and gathering ~ it's fun!

Jim Gatling said...

Yes, my dear Patricia, I have been smitten for years... I love the way you said, "my personal walk." Now when I go outside to smaoke 3 feet from the door, I'll call it, 'My Personal Walk." Got a new song for you "Your Cheatin' Heart Rock." Oh, as for the birds, I wish I had that pattern before I appliqued the birds on my Halloween quilt. Congratulations on your 300th post! Forver you will remain the Queen of Your Universe!!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Your memory Heart shape rocks are awesome. Love them. Hugs Judy

Linda said...

It's nice to know there is someone else out there with rocks in her head, I mean hands. I carried home rocks from Seattle in my luggage. My husband said we have rocks in Maine. I also brought home drift wood and a couple of sticks. I have no idea what TSA thought. I've loved rocks since I was a kid. My mom complained that my pockets were always full of them. Rock on!

Shannon Young said...

This means that you're a real Rock Star. Sorry, couldn't help myself.

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