Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Great New Crazy Quilting Book

I've been meaning to show you this book (Allie Aller's Crazy Quilting) for weeks now and tonight is a good time to do it. Have you seen it? One of the blogs I read often belongs to its' author, Allison Ann Aller. You can visit her blog here. Why don't you drop by and see her work for yourself, especially if you are a crazy quilter...you'll love the visit.

I pre-ordered the book before it came out, which means I had to WAIT for it. A very hard thing to do as I love to get a new book, especially one I believe will be a great one. When it arrived in the mail, I was overjoyed as it is BEAUTIFUL! Well, the wait was certainly worth it...as I've enjoyed this book very much. I think you will too. Wonderful examples of crazy quilts, as Allie has many, and she shares so much in the making of these quilts. This book is billed as "The New Crazy!" It is...you will be very interested in how she creates these beautiful wonders.

Here you will see the front cover, several photo examples of her stitching, flowers, butterflies, etc.
Then, the last photo is of her favorite pincushion (and the back of the book)...oh, my...it's one of my very favorite pieces in the book. So, enjoy.....you might want to order one. Mine came from amazon.com. When you get yours, make a cup of tea, put your feet up and enjoy some time in crazy quilt heaven!!

I hope you will come back for a visit later in the week. You might get to hear about my weekend retreat and see some of my favorite FUN things found there. Til then....take care, pat


Anne said...

I like the way she layers her embellishments. Even the photos you posted look three-dimensional on my computer screen. I flipped through the digital pages of the book on Amazon. Looks like a great book!
I noticed that Allie suggests using upholstery samples. I found some wonderful decorator's samples at a Goodwill store Saturday. I bought a few of them and now I know how I could use them. I need to buy a copy of this book. Thanks for the recommendation!

Christy said...

Hi, Pat! Yes, I entered a contest a few weeks ago to win a copy of this book. I didn't win it, but I think I put it on my Amazon wish list. I've never done anything like a crazy quilt, but I'd love to try sometime this year. I hope you had all kinds of fun on your weekend retreat!!

Jim Gatling said...


Jim gatling said...

(For what, 3 or 4 years I have tried to leave a comment. Yesterday tried for 4 hours and it took an eight grader 10 minutes to do show me.)
I love this book! Brenda bought 2 by mistake and I bought her extra one for a friend, but after flipping through it I decided it was a keeper! Thanks, Pat! You Rock!!!

Vivian said...

I think I could spend hours looking at her work. Oh the inspiration! So little time now, but a lot to look forward to when I retire.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

I also have Allie book and love it. I am sure I will learn allot from it. Hugs Judy

Linda said...

Hi Pat! I ordered this book because of your lovely photos. I have to wait for it because I used the free shipping option on Amazon and the wait is--well, it's sort of tantalizing. It's supposed to be here in a couple of days--arriving with Harry Potter. Thanks for the photos. You make me want to do crazy quilting! And your images of small things made me realize I don't have to make a huge wall hanging to enjoy it. Thank you!

Shannon Young said...

Thanks for sharing photos from this gorgeous book! It's going on the Amazon wish list now (you should get commission from them, you know).

Allison Ann Aller said...

Thank you so much....sending big hugs!

Deanna said...

This makes me want to rush out and buy this books - thanks for sharing - Deanna - Skinfizzical.com

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