Saturday, June 4, 2011

That One Flower

As I sit here writing to you it is 12:41 a.m. Not an unusual thing for me as my sleep habits are quite weird. However, tonight I'm just trying to get several last minute things done as my favorite son arrives at the Little Rock airport at 8:00 a.m. See, told you...weird. I am very anxious to see him as I haven't seen him in fourteen months, but I didn't want the week to end without posting something for you 'out there' - my blogging friends. He has to leave on Tuesday and since I am already thinking it's been too long since I've posted...well, something just has to be done before I go to bed for a few hours or else you won't hear from me til next week sometime. Can't let that happen! is a little bit of something I finished today at the studio. It has a story, of course.
It's a little abstract painting embellished with embroidery. The actual work is 4" x 6" and the frame is 8" x 10"...not so big. The frame looks black here, but it's really a very dark brown. Now, what you might be saying is something to the effect that you didn't know I did abstract paintings. Of course, I don't. BUT...I just happened to make this one....then embroidered a little flower surrounded by French Knot flowers and some birds. Just like me...kinda weird.
I actually like the odd little thing. The center of the flower is a sequin with a bead in the center. As you can see, not too complicated. (One of my latest FUN things to do is find words or phrases in an old dilapidated book and cut them out to use in collage, etc. I could spend many hours doing a thing like that. And, that is how I found the phrase on the mat......"You may gather every flower." I love that.)

Now, do you want the real story? OK, truth be told, my "abstract painting" is actually part of an old tee shirt I used as a paint rag to wipe my brushes on. I took a good look at it before I was going to throw it away and thought it looked pretty much like the abstract paintings I was seeing. So, it sat around in my little downtown studio until I just had to embellish the thing.
Oh, and just for your info....I did stabilize it by ironing on some fusible interfacing. No idea why on earth I felt it needed to be embroidered...but here it is anyway and it will be for sale next week when Second Saturday Studio is Open. (By the 'real life' the colors are much brighter!)

OK....this will have to do until one day next week. I hope you have a wonderful weekend...I know I will enjoy seeing that son of mine. So, until we meet again....take care, pat


skoots1mom said...

sooooo LOVE it! very prettily done :)

ga447 said...

I love the fiber design in the cloth/tee shirt. It is stunning, I love that you are able to go to your downtown studio. Enjoy your son and spoil him rotten. I spoiled mine last weekend in Dallas.

Amy said...

Beautiful and I enjoyed the story behind it.

Christy said...

Oh, I just LOVE your artwork! I like the "one little lonely thing" in all kinds of art. My favorite thing is wonderful pathways, or roads, leading into the distance, whether it be desert or trees, or any season. I don't know why I love those types of paintings but I do and collect them! By the way ... I believe this month is yours and Richards 45th anniversary, right? Congrats to you both. Have a good party!!

Sheila said...

That is cool, I just love it. Your work is just awesome.
Enjoy your son and have a great visit, I know how it is not to see them for awhile. I just saw my son in Jacksonville last weekend.

Amy said... always!

Peonies & Magnolias said...

So beautiful, I love it. Hope you have a wonderful visit with your son.


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