Thursday, August 11, 2011

My "E" Quilt

Earlier this year, I remarked to a friend that "if I don't finish a quilt someday soon, the Quilt Police will come and take away my quilting license." Well, of course, there are no Quilt Police....this was just my way of saying I had really neglected my quilt making, spending all my time making all those embroidered and beaded pincushions during the last year and a half, or so. I was feeling kinda guilty.

Like everyone else....well, nearly everyone else (there are always exceptions!), I have a drawer full of UFO's. And, this quilt was one of those languishing away in a drawer just waiting for me to get 'in the mood.' Or, make the time to finish. And, finally, this little quilt is now completed. I call it my "E" quilt.

If you will notice, there is a small embroidered letter E in the center block. I thought I would keep this quilt for myself, so decided to monogram that "E" in the center....for Eaton, of course.
This little quilt is approximately 36 inches square. It is hand embroidered, appliqued and quilted, but machine pieced. I prefer to do everything by hand, but sometimes I give in and go to my lovely Bernina.....just so I can get on with it. I'm always imposing deadlines upon myself....even though I resent deadlines and would prefer to do my work with not a thought of getting things done....just enjoying the process. I am totally a 'process person.' That might also explain the need for a UFO drawer or two!!!

As you can see (click for closeups), there is embroidery around all the hearts and the narrow border. The center block does have that "E" surrounded by an embroidered ribbon bow. Loved doing that! Once I finish a quilt, I can always go back, take a good look, and manage to find something I'd like to change. On this quilt, I'd like to change the blue fabrics for other colors. I am not a "blue" person, so I wish I had used other fabrics for the triangles. (What was I thinking?) Yes, this means I don't really care for this finished quilt. And, it has an "E" on it!!! So, yes, it also means I will take it with me to my quilt retreat where I am teaching next month and offer it for sale....think there will be anyone there needing a small quilt with the letter "E" monogrammed on it?? Yes....highly doubtful.

One good thing....I can say I finished a quilt....maybe even saving my quilting license! Ya'll take care out there....pat


ga447 said...

What a difference the embroidery and your extra touches on this quilt. It shines and I love the middle block.

Christy said...

Pat ... the E doesn't have to represent the last name. My niece is named Emma and there are alot of other 'E' names out there!! You will have NO problem selling it!

jimgatling said...

Beautimuss Simply Bea-U-Ti-Muss!!!

Claudine brodeuse de perles said...

C'est vraiment beau !

Marijke van Ooijen said...


Your blog is fantastic.
I like your work.
I follow your blog.
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A Bit of Heaven
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