Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just One More Special Story

This is the second installment of my special 'heart' stories. Some of you may call them my "weird heart stories." That's ok. It won't bother me. I suppose I feel compelled to tell you these stories because I find them very uplifting. Special. You may call them whatever you wish and I'll be fine with it.

As you know....I have a habit of putting hearts on my work and am attracted to all kinds of things 'heart.' As you also know....the heart shape is the universal symbol of love. It works for me! So, when they seem to appear in my life without any rhyme or reason...I pay attention.

A few days before I left for my retreat on the 7th of this month....I took my daily walk out to the mailbox. I saw something at the end of my driveway....just laying there and for some reason, I thought it might be a dead bird. There is a power line that crosses our property, so I thought maybe a bird had died up there and landed on the concrete. (By the way, I could never be an eye witness in a court, as I can't really see details further than about ten feet away and that's pushing it!!) As I approached the mailbox, I realized it wasn't a dead bird, thankfully, but was something entirely different.

When I reached the object, imagine my surprise when I realized it was a HEART. No, I did not think "it's just a piece of wood," I thought HEART! I just jumped up and down, yelling "it's a heart!" (Yes, my neighbors already know I am 'not like them.') I picked up the heart and was overjoyed, running into the house to show the old navy man. Well, he wasn't nearly as excited as I was. I said, "Oh, look what I found by the mailbox...what does it look like to you?" "Duh," he said..."it's a heart." "Well, don't you think it's odd?" "No," he said. So I said, "You aren't the least bit amazed that a heart was at the foot of MY driveway....ME....the person that appliques hearts, embroiders hearts, searches for hearts?" Again, he said "No."

So, ok, it's a piece of wood (about six inches long), it probably fell off one of the many pickup trucks that go up and down our street. BUT, it fell in MY driveway. Not one of the neighbors...the ones who don't collect hearts....but MY driveway, the person who does! So......actually, I feel it came from somewhere 'out in the universe' as a special treat from someone, somewhere...especially for me! And, gosh, I just thought of was by my mailbox! Mail from out in the universe! I love it!!!!

So, yeah, I know you are probably shaking your heads, thinking I've gone off my rocker or something. It's ok. Me....I'm still thinking it is a very special "thinking of you" gift. And, so I will add it to my other heart treasures....and be grateful I'm thought of "out in the universe somewhere!" take care, pat

PS. By the way, I once had a weird experience with "S" hooks. It went on for weeks. You're probably lucky I didn't tell you that story today!


Carol said...

I believe you got a gift from the Universe!

You are a positive thinker! You know the SECRET!

Christy said...

LOL, Pat! I'm one of those 'not like other people' people (there really are alot of us out there). So you're definitely not alone and I'm sure your neighbors treasure you. I also believe its a gift. Someone is telling you that you're a nice person and the rest of the planet thinks that's great. Have a good week and Happy Hearts to You! :-)

Christine said...

The Universe couldn't have picked a nicer person to gift this heart to Pat, lucky you to spot it before it got damaged. Your collection must be getting quite large by now. Thanks for sharing your good fortune with us,
Christine in Sydney Australia

Julie Fukuda said...

I heart you! And some day when you have a few hours to kill I could share my owl stories with you. I do believe God speaks to us in many ways ... I think the Bible says so ... Just think of all the people out there that may be missing messages because they are not tuned in.

Cathy H. said...

I'm so glad to know there's others out there that get excited about the small, yet wonderful, things in life!! What an aweseome find!! I'm always looking for heart shaped rocks, but I'm not real lucky...I have only found a couple! Have a happy day!

vicki said...

Hi Pat- that's a great little story- definitely an act of fate- that heart was destined for you all along- and- I love it!! I bet you will display it beautifully!


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