Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another Fine Hanky

Today I wanted to show you 'another fine hanky.' But, I also wanted to show you a framed piece given to me by my friend, Susan. It's very similar to the hanky....so first, the background of my story.

In 2008, Susan made a visit to Chicago. While there she did some shopping and in the midst of the shopping, she found a piece of Drawn Thread Embroidery in a frame. Thinking I would love it, she purchased it as a gift to me and at our monthly meeting, she presented it to me. Of course, I loved it, however, it was framed over top of a piece of yellow fabric and I thought it should be changed, so I decided to reframe it over a piece of green fabric...green, you'll remember, being one of my most favorite colors. When I took the fabric from the frame, a piece of paper fell out. It is shown here. A note written by the owner of the piece (born in 1903), telling how her mother had embroidered it at age SIXTEEN in 1898 had been placed in the frame...and had I never wanted to change the color of the fabric, we would have never seen the note. What luck!

So, I've loved this embroidery since Susan gave it to me. Imagine my surprise to find a hanky at our new flea market made with exactly the same Drawn Thread Embroidery stitches. I was very thrilled to find it.....and without even taking a breath, I purchased it. The asking price for such gorgeousness.....$1.00. Do you believe it? I get kind of irked that people who have never worked an embroidery pattern, or stitched a quilt, or knitted a sweater, often devalue the work as something their great-grandmothers or grandmothers did 'to keep their hands busy', so consequently, not worth all that much. Often they hold these pieces in very low regard. (I mean, really...$1.00???) That is changing, I think because there seem to be people like me, who never had a grandmother or anyone else who embroidered, or quilted, or knitted, but nevertheless, became fascinated by it at an early age. So, because I highly value the work, I'm proud to own the framed piece and to be able to hold this wonderful hanky in my hands and marvel at the time, effort and LOVE that went into making both of these beautiful pieces of embroidery.

And, so, it is up to me to preserve it for as long as I can....and enjoy it too. And, show it to YOU, so you can enjoy it also. Maybe the precious ladies that stitched these two pieces KNOW that I have these pieces they created and that I love them. Now, that is something I'd like to imagine is true! What about you? Do you have such pieces in your collection? If so....do you feel the same way about them that I do? take care out there, pat

PS. I've no idea why the framed piece looks so bluish...it's white. Funny thing how these photos turn out sometimes!


Kathy said...

What a heart-warming find! Your friend is wonderful and to find that note - fantastic. I agree with you - the piece is so much more valuable - but, thankfully it is now with someone who truly appreciates it!
God Bless,

brenco1 said...

Wonder where the "Wall" family lived. They are both lovely pieces and the note just makes the one so special.

Christy said...

Pat ... I do have a hanky that is pretty old, I think. It was given to my Mom from her Aunt, my great-Aunt. It's a very delicate white hanky - the material is almost gossimer. It has a scalloped edging and in one corner is one rose. It's about 4" long. It's on a green stem with two leaves and there are 3 white buds leading up to a full pink rose with white tips. It's really beautiful.

Unfortunately, we have no idea where it came from originally or who did the embroidery. It isn't signed and Mom said she had never asked about it's origins, although we suspect it belonged to my great-Grandmother. I don't think my great-Aunt did needlework and my great-Grandma died when I was very young, so who knows. It's such a shame when you don't know the history of a piece.

The two you have shown are just gorgeous. The work is so intricate, it must have taken some time to do. I'm glad you have custody of them. Take care,

Jane S. said...

What a sweet story about the framed hanky! I too found a treasure at a flea market, once upon a time. It was a tiny tatted purse, framed, and it was very reasonably priced (I paid $15 for it). After I'd gotten it home I noticed that someone had written on the backside of the frame. The purse had been made for a niece by a beloved aunt. The little girl used the purse to carry the nickel for riding the bus down town. When she got older she had the tiny purse framed. It about broke my heart to see it in a flea market...I can't imagine that the grown-up girl would have ever sold such a treasured item. It has a new home now at my house, and I'll never sell it.

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