Thursday, December 8, 2011

An AQG Auction Item

This coming Monday, night at the monthly meeting of the Arkansas Quilters Guild, their annual auction will be held. This annual auction began last year. If you read my blog last year at this time, you will remember that one of the auction items was a day at my backyard studio. Pat C. won that tour and we had a very nice day. This year, I decided to create one of my pincushions for auction. Inspired by my friend, Allie Aller and her book CRAZY QUILTING, I made this pincushion. Visit Allie HERE.

This pincushion is 6 inches by ten inches. At the guilds' last AWOL retreat, I asked for scraps of fabric from several of the attendees. I used those scraps to make this entire pincushion....including the back fabrics and the hexagon flower I used for a label. Being made from scraps left me with not a lot of choice when it came to colors, but I managed just fine. The back is made from all yellows and browns as I could not integrate all those yellows in with the pinks/reds, etc., that I used on the front. I have a reputation in the guild as working with 'mud' colors, so I felt more comfortable using the yellows on the back. I think it turned out ok. we are...scrap fabrics, some DMC floss in different colors, birds I simply have to always use, embroidered you know one of my favorite designs. There are also French, those I could make for hours at a time!!

Then, of course, my favorite edgings...beads! I made bead soup to come up with enough beads in my color selection...and then, those antique looking gold beads too. I LOVE to make a beaded edge where you have to count every single bead to get a certain pattern in the beaded 'fringe.'
However, if I intended to finish the pincushion...I had to just go 'random' and not count those beads. This means that not all the loops of the 'fringe' are the same length. They vary. Well, it's handmade, so I think since this pincushion was made from scraps...the imperfect beading is ok.
You'll tell me, I know what you think. I hope you do.

The pincushion is now in the possession of my friend, Shannon, who is responsible for the auction items. She received it in the mail yesterday and let me know it had arrived. I hope she was right in her prediction that it will certainly raise some money for the guild. I'll be anxious to hear how it goes. And, I hope you have enjoyed seeing this you know, I enjoy making them.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and I'll 'see' you soon. Stay warm. pat


Brenda said...

Beautiful Pat!!


Julie Fukuda said...

I like those flying birds. I also see you learned how to do cursive writing from the same book I did. I've never seen handwriting that looked so much like mine!

ga447 said...

I just love your creativity.

deb/purple princess said...

Love this one, too, Pat! Told Shannon, Sharon, et al yesterday that SOMEONE should make themselves available for phone bids! ;-D

Anne said...

So, so pretty! The star print fabric is a perfect choice to enhance the piece and make it draw the eye. Your stitching is perfection. Who else would have thought to add all those x's to further embellish that hexie flower? To you, the back is just as important as the front! As always, the intertwined swags of beading along the edge is your touch of richness -- so unique and lovely! A work of art, Pat.

Shannon Young said...

This pincushion is STUNNING in person! Even more than the photos here show. Thank you, Pat, for being so generous. You are a Rock Star!

Eddie said...

It is truly beautiful, Pat. And of course, I expected nothing less than the perfection you have created. You are after all, a master of your craft. :) Looking forward to bidding on this at the guild meeting on Monday night!!

vicki said...

Oh my goodness Pat- another fabulous- gorgeous- incredible pincushion! You are AMAZING!! Who ever takes this home is SO Lucky! Great job Pat!!

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