Friday, January 20, 2012

A Wholecloth Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Last week I showed you a few 'peeks' at some of my quilts. A couple of you asked to see more of two of those quilts. is the first of the two. You will notice on one of the photos is the embroidered date of 1981. Yes, that is actually when this little quilt was made. So here is it's 'story.'

In 1981, the year we moved to Arkansas from Silver City, New Mexico, I purchased a piece of yardage printed with a Double Wedding Ring pattern. 'Way back then, printed patterns could be found and seemed to be a new idea, and many people bought them so they'd have the 'look' of the pattern, but not all the work of sewing one together. I always considered it kind of 'cheating' but, as you can see, I DID buy some myself. To my way of would make a great project to PRACTICE my quilting stitches. And, truly, it really was.

This little quilt is lap quilt size and it has been used many, many times. It's soft as can be and at this point, a bit faded, but I still remember sitting and quilting it, thinking while I did so that my stitches were really going to improve. I think I still make exactly the same stitches!!! (By the way, have I ever told you I quilt one stitch at a time? I do.) What it did do was give me a little more speed while quilting, although I've never really concerned myself with how much time it takes to finish something.

Over the years, I've come to appreciate those hours spent practicing....and still love to hand quilt. Now, though, finding those hours to do so is an even harder thing to do. As I often much to do, so little time!!

Hope you enjoy seeing more of this little quilt and next I will show you more of the Crazy Quilt you recently 'peeked' at. Hope you are all warm, safe and cozy! pat


Thearica said...

Now that is some serious stitching! Your quilt is gorgeous!

I miss my hand quilting! carpal tunnel just will not let me do it! maybe I should do a small project! I miss it so!

Deb said...

It may be what we now call a cheater panel, but your stitching is absolutely exquisite and the quilt beautiful.

Audra Jones said...

Pat, I love the white one! I'm so jealous you have the patience to make these. Love ya! Audra

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