Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Mr. G Watercolor's still February, so I'm still finding 'hearts' to post. Here is one of my very favorites. This painting was created in 1996 by my very dear friend, Jim...sometimes I call him Mr. G. I don't know why except his last name starts with a G. It makes sense to me....and he doesn't complain.

Mr. G presented me with this wonderful watercolor 'out of the blue' one day and I have loved it ever since. Isn't it fun? It was his way, I expect, of making me a 'different' kind of quilt. It's approximately 24" x 30" and has been hanging in my house since the day I received it...well, except for a couple of times it escaped and managed to be shown in a couple of Jim's quilt showings.

I love all the bright colors....and all the little 'blocks.' I am particularly fond of that big red heart, the 0ff-kilter basket, and the house...three of my very favorite motifs. Yeah, Mr. G knows me alright....he seems to always manage to either make or find things that he knows I will just be 'over the moon' about. Thanks, Mr. G, again, for this lovely is one of my great treasures!! Y'all take care out there. pat

PS. The other day I finished a project I have been trying to get finished for what seems like years, but it's only been months. I am so happy to have it done and on the way to it's new owner, a very patient owner, I might add. I'll be showing it to YOU very soon...I'm waiting until the new owner receives it so I can share her thoughts on it with you. And, NO, I have not forgotten I'm to do a heart tutorial and another giveway...they'll be here soon too. (Time just gets away from me...does it you?)


Deb said...

Such Talent. Beautiful.

skoots1mom said...

i've been pondering a 'drawn collage' pretty...

Julie Fukuda said...

I am enjoying getting to know Mr. G, his creative work and his passion for collecting old stuff. Thanks for the introduction.

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Claudine brodeuse de perles said...

Un magnifique cadeau. J'aime beaucoup sa gaieté

Claudine brodeuse de perles said...

Oups ! J'ai voulu aller vite ! Bisous et bon dimanche

Jim Gatling said...

Idriptif ecenoOh, how nice of you to post that watercolor for Valentine's/February!!! Thank you!!! This makes me want to paint again. I haven't panted in a long time, but my brother brought up my Daddy's big oak desk and I now have a huge place to paint and store all my watercolor and drawing media. I now will be able to leave things out and work on them.

Susan said...

What a lovely gift from Mr G!

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The Bird Nest on the Ground Studio
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A Bit of Heaven
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