Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Few Things from the Nest

Ok...there's just a few hours before my daughter and I drive to Little Rock to pick up our favorite Californian...his plane is supposed to land at 9:45 a.m. I hope all goes well and he has a nice safe flight. Can't wait to see him (as you know) and I so appreciate my favorite daughter doing all the driving!

Earlier today I thought I should post something....then, got busy and forgot....then thought, well, I'll just wait til the weekend. Then that little voice in my head said..."Well, you COULD post, it's 12:09 a.m. as I write this....after taking a few photos for you to see until I do post again. It might be Sunday or Monday, at the rate I am functioning these days. But, I hope these little tidbits will give you some little amount of pleasure til then.

How about these cute teddy bears? When my mother passed away....I chose a few things to bring home...none of them making much sense to anyone but me. All her collectibles went to my sister...thank goodness!!! (She was a hoarder too, but NEW Beanie Babies and dolls. My sister gave every kid in the local schools a Beanie Baby!!! There were hundreds! I tried many times to interest my mom in VINTAGE, but she hated what she called 'all that dirty stuff'!!!) I did, however, fall for these teddy bears! My sister was kind enough to give these to me as she knew I was completely CRAZY over their faces and their CLOTHES!!! They are out in the Nest sitting in an antique doll bed I have. I've no idea who the mother and child in the photo are...some of my flea market relatives. I thought you'd enjoy seeing these things.

I have a bunch of baskets...some empty (waiting!) and some I carry things back and forth to the downtown studio in. This one is stocked with vintage threads I've gathered....and there is also a box of crochet thread I just of twelve with one missing...wonder where that one went? I love all these threads that have that old 'pearl' color...don't know if you can tell in the photos. Threaded in one spool, you can see the antique ivory bodkin given to me by friend, Mr. G. It is the very first thing he ever gave me....long ago at one of our quilt retreats. Presented it to me in a little velvet jewelry box...he has 'such a way' of doing things. I am nuts about vintage embroidery, so the scarf on the basket came home with me one day, as did the crochet pansy piece.

Mr. G. recently have me this fabric holder for a small rotary cutting board....isn't this fabric just gorgeous? I had never seen it before and since green is my favorite color...well, he saw it and brought it to me. You can see the inside too. And, I had to photograph the back. Did I say I LOVE this fabric?

There is an antique cast iron receipt holder. I've photographed it empty and also holding various vintage thread spools. For some reason, I feel obligated to find all the old perle cotton, crochet thread and buttonhole twist spools I can in these old, as my mom would say, "dirty colors." How do we get like this??? My friend,Burt, whose work we have in the downtown studio made some little bowls for me and there is one here holding vintage buttons. Green, of course. Love it too!

There you are....some more 'stuff' from the Nest. I'll never run out of things to show you because this little house is going to burst as I seem to love putting more in it. You know I will, too. So, for now....enjoy these things and think of me enjoying a few days with Scott and the family. They too, are very rare and the MOST precious!!!! See you soon and take care, hugs, pat


Julie Fukuda said...

I hope you have a most wonderful reunion.I think I heard those bears snickering.

Sheila said...

Have a wonderful visit with your son and family. I love the bears as I love bears. I always enjoy looking at your pics. I love that kind of thing as well.

Laurie said...

Love the pictures, vintage is also my favorite. I really like the holder for the cutting mat!
Enjoy your visit!

Christy said...

Pat ... those bears faces are so expressive! I can understand why you fell in love with them. They're almost animated. So cute! In reference to your "spools" ... I've been grabbing spindles with thread on them for a couple of years. Spindles are hard to find, but I pick them up when I see them. I just love vintage. I don't want the past to disappear, I think. Old stuff just pulls at me for some reason. ;-)

fiberdoodles said...

The bears are just adorable! We love our "old" stuff don't we ;0)

Enjoy every moment with your favorite son. I know you will have a great visit!!

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