Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Red Tulips

In my last post, I said I'd show you RED TULIPS in a couple of here they are!  Another of my downtown studio collages.  I'm also showing you the paper napkin I used to make this collage.  Red Tulips, of course.

 I also used another paper napkin for the butterflies.  OK, I did forget to take a photo of the paper napkin the butterflies were cut from, so let me describe, with a few sprigs of flowers and these multi-colored butterflies in different sizes.    Maybe this Friday, while at the studio, I can take a photo of it..then add it to this post.   I'm sure the photo would make more sense to you than my description of it.

After painting the canvas and adding the butterflies and tulips, I drew in some little flowers and painted them.  I just thought it needed 'something.'  And, as before, I used oil pastels to add more color to the butterflies and tulips. is my current habit....words cut from books.  Anyone can do just choose some words you like and glue them on!!  And, this sounded good to me:

"Spring, so glorious
Red flowers grow
butterflies fly
the sun shines." 

Enough said!  Hope you like it.....and next 'new vintage' collage.  Take care, pat

PS.  So now Blogger has changed....oh my!  Just when I think I know something...turns out I don''s so hard for an old dog to learn new tricks...but, I'll try!


Laurie said...

Very very pretty, Pat, love your creativity!!
I'm with you on blogger changing. I'm trying to get used to it but I don't understand why they changed it to begin with. And what's with these graphs!? I don't understand those at all!

Julie Fukuda said...

With a bit of shifting in the reading, you have a haiku. 5-7-5 and something seasonal.
It seems that blogger is still making the rounds, one person at a time. My son says that by the time they get everything done, the whole process will be easier. These are only the first of things to come. (So, how much effort do I put into learning this, if it is only going to change again)?

Gisela Suski said...

Love Love your new project, the tulips and your butterfly is perfect. Adding words gives it special meaning.

Nicki Lee said...

Hi Pat!
Here you go again with yet another beuatiful creation. Girl... does your mind ever shut off LOL? I adore this picture - thank you fro sharing your method using the napkins, I am going to have to try this. Have a wonderful day!

BTW - I am just getting so confused with all the Blogger change.. just when I thought I got it under control they go and change it again!


Amy Munson said...

Love the collage and the changes to blogger threw me through a loop as well.

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