Sunday, August 5, 2012

That Funky Chair

In my last post, I said I'd next show you something 'crazy' and here it is.  A regular sized kitchen chair I purchased from a flea market in Beebe, Arkansas, a couple of weeks ago.  When I saw it there, it made me smile.  So, I hope you smile too!  I did sit on it in the flea market to 'try it out,' and it seemed pretty sturdy,  but I wouldn't want to sit on it for very long, as there are support pieces missing on the front and back legs, but here is what I thought when I first laid my eyes on it:
We could put it in the downtown studio and use it for an easel!  Well, really, can you imagine how that crossed my mind?  I've no idea, but there it was, and because it made me smile, I had to buy it and because it didn't exactly 'break the bank @ $ promptly was purchased and the next time I went to work at the went with me.  I smile every time I look at it. 
There are maps all over it, quotes, all kinds of painted 'effects'...notice the polka dots on the inside of that leg.
We have some 'vintage' stuff in the studio now....because Cheri and I just can't keep our favorite flea market finds from showing up down there.  Some of them are for sale too.  Anyway, one of her pieces is this great old table, all chipped up and in our window.  We display artwork on it all the time, and so I thought putting the chair up on top of it was a really good way to display some artwork.  And, it is at eye level, which might make people walking by smile too.
If you click on the photos, I'm sure you can see these photos up close and perhaps read a few words here and there.  I'm especially fond of "Come away with me" a quote from Norah Jones.  Notice it up top of the chair in the photo below.
So far, I think I've sold two items because that chair was in the window.....maybe it catches the eye....
yes, I'm sure it does, but then, so does the artwork.
I certainly wouldn't call it the most well-made item I've ever seen, but it has lots of HEART....something that means a lot to ME.  And, it's FUN!   And, NO, I have no idea who actually had this idea and did the work on the chair, but I think I like them a lot.
I lust after that little old table.......perhaps I may 'wheel and deal' with Cheri sometime in the future and put it on my front porch!  Meantime, it has become a very cool part of the studio, if you ask me.
So, would you notice the chair if you walked by?  Would you stop and look or would you just walk on by?
No matter which...I bet you would smile too!!!  Take care out there, pat


Laurie said...

It's so charming Pat! Of course I would walk in, things like that always draw me. I too want that table!!!!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

That display would definitely catch my eye. I'd have to come inside to see the chair and table up close.

The is a shop near the Notre Dame University in South Bend that sells hand crafted unique items. Several years ago I saw a mirror with a decoupage frame similar to the chair done in maps also. I thought it was soo cool.

Have a great coming week. Barter for the table. It would be great on your porch.
xxx, Carol

Gisela Suski said...

I would stop by and check that chair, it is adorable - what a great idea.

Christy said...


Julie Fukuda said...

I'm smiling but I think the table is a bit jealous.

Deb said...

The chair is amazing, I sure would stop by and I like the table too!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh yes, it would certainly catch my eye!!!!! What a great piece! So much to look at and so much fun! LOVE Norah, too!


Jaybird said...

I WOULD stop and look at it and try to read what it said!! Too cute!! You are great!

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