Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cross-Stitch Memories

Recently, I enjoyed a conversation (via email) with Linda,  a blogging friend of mine who lives in Maine.  She mentioned working on a cross-stitch sampler and I told her I would post my cross-stitch samplers for her to see.  And, you too, of course!  Here is a photo of three of my samplers which are, at the moment, living in our living room.  More about that fourth one later in this post.
My house tends to be dark and I took these photos late at night, so they are not as clear as I'd like, but you get the idea.  These three were made in the early to mid-seventies......oh, my, how many years ago was that?? You know, I can look at things I've made and my life just flashes in front of my eyes!  I can remember sitting and working on these for many hours in the evenings.  My kids were born in 1967 and '68, so how I ever found the time, I don't know.  Of course,  there are no little kids here now and I still don't know where I would find the time.  One thing I DO know...I got a lot more done when I had to work around the children and their needs.  Maybe I was just quicker then.  OK, no jokes about aging!
I have particularly loved the poem on this sampler....and have tried to abide by know how I love words on needlework and I do try to maintain a thankful heart.  

These samplers were made with kits that were available back then.   Later, I became aware of Aida cloth and linen and began to 'do my own thing' and/or follow a designer's charts.  I have to say, I think it was more difficult to cover up the inked fabric in the kits than it was to follow a chart.  Often times, the printed design was difficult to cover up.  But, at the time....I was lucky to find anything to stitch, truth be told.
Even today, on some days, I'd still like to stitch a sampler.  I'd have to have really good light, but it would be fun.

This is another kit sampler.  This one didn't take nearly as long as the other two and was quite fun.
I'm just a fool for sentimentality!!!
Excuse the light in the lower left of this photo...try as I might, sometime I just can't keep the light from reflecting on the glass.
As I mentioned, here is more on the square cross-stitched piece.  I recently purchased this one at one of my favorite flea markets.  It is very cute and I just couldn't leave it there.   The little crosses don't really touch each they should, but I still thought it dear.  Some pieces just call your name!!!  As you can see on the photo, I just simply placed it on this antique chest below my cross-stitch pieces.  I don't know where exactly it will wind up....but for now I'm thinking I may remove that large frame on the top row and put it there......I just never know until I make it a priority to spend a bit of time 'playing around with it.'

I have no idea who stitched it....but I'm glad they did.  And, I'm happy to now be the caretaker of such
a fun sampler. 

 I used to teach quilting classes at the Ozark Folk School in Mountain View, Arkansas.  My classes were five days of quilting fun with some very wonderful students from 'all over.'  For one of my classes,  I decided to make a quilt that resembled a cross stitch sampler.  How that idea popped into my head, I just don't know, but I made this quilt for that class and we really did have FUN.  It's about 28 inches or so square and as most of my 'stuff' is....hand appliqued, hand embroidered, and hand quilted. 

I love the little appliqued hen and chicks.  Embellished with some embroidery.  Such fun to make these cute little creatures...and they were inspired by the work of  Janet Bolton, in her books "My Grandmother's Patchwork Quilt" and "Patchwork Folk Art".  You can find them at
These flowers were made from fabric yo-yo's and great fun.  I have used this method before...the back of the yo-yo is what I used for the front and then the center was filled with French Knots.
More applique....I love doing that part too.
And, of course, there had to be a tree.  Lazy Daisy stitches filled with one or two straight stitches, appliqued tree trunk.

So, here we are on the back of the quilt.  Had to add another bird, of course!  Now, look at that, made in 2008!  Time surely does fly!!
And, I just had to show you the fabric on the back of this little quilt.  I purchased this fabric JUST for the back of this quilt.....all 'farmy' and cute, don't you think?

So, there you cross-stitch samplers.......and quilt 'sampler' too and many hours of my life...right here in this one post.  I hope you enjoyed seeing much as I enjoyed stitching them.  take care out there, pat


brenco1 said...

Beautiful cross stitch pieces and you know I love your applique. Cross stitch was one I never had the patient to do. Glad others enjoy it. Ha!!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Lovely needlework. I never really liked to do cross stich EXCEPT on waste canvas. I did lots and lots of waste canvas when my daughter was young. I first tried it when a friend suggested covering a spot on one of her shirts with a cross stitched teddy bear. I discovered waste canvas and Leisure Arts and I was hooked.

The election is almost over so I'll be busy with projects again...whew!
xx, Carol

Julie Fukuda said...

Such charming little pieces. I remember the days when it was common for little girls to make samplers. I have no idea where those are now.

Thearica said...

You cause me to miss my cross stitching more and more. My eyes get too tired when I cross stitch so now I hire anything out if I want it bad enough. A good friend of mine has done 3 incredible pieces for me. I love displaying art in my home. So much better than store bought things. :)

In my earlier cross stitch days I did many samplers. Wish I had been more in tune to documenting what I did back then. I would make something and give it away without photos.

Your pieces are gorgeous!

vicki said...

Pat-- why am I NOT surprised that you would also have talents for exquisite cross stitch??!! Your samplers are so beautiful-- I used to do cross stitch as well-- It was a passion.
Oh my-- the quilt--- where to start?? I love every little detail. You are a genious--

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