Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Friend's New Book

I am so very excited about this new book.  "EMBROIDERED MEMORIES" from my dear and best friend (in Indiana), Brian Haggard and published by C&T Publishing.  It is a great book to own if you are interested in embroidery, crazy quilts,  embellished clothing and household items...well, just about everything.   The work shown in this book is his work always is.  And, just one little thing to tempt you, which I will not show must see the chair on page 71.  It is DEAR!!!
Here is the back cover of the book.......I LOVE the embroidered bag shown here...just delightful!  And, there is Brian, himself!  A great guy and such fun to visit with.  I know he will be making even more new friends as this book is found by YOU and many other like-minded stitchers.
Every page has something to admire...this is the introduction page...notice the detail at the top of the page....all these motifs are so beautiful and ideas are everywhere.
I always love a basket and here is a wonderful one.........I also love Brian's very subtle use of color.  So elegant.
Here is a clutch he has created...LOVE it.  I have been wanting to make some coin purses....oh, let's see where will I find inspiration??
Here is that bag on the back of his book.  Isn't it lovely?  He loves including old photos in his work and I love the writing too.  I so love this piece.
This is the cover of Brian's first book.  I was so excited when I found this on I bought it immediately.  After reading it, I managed to talk with Brian and we have become great friends.  I so admire his work.  And, I have to say, he reminds me of my friend, Jim, who you have seen on this blog so many times.  They are much alike, but very different.  Well, you'll have to figure that one out for yourself!  And, now, they have become great friends too.  The blogging world can be so much FUN!
This is the back of the first book of Brian's.  IF you don't have it, you may just need to have both.  If you like this kind of work, as I do, then, you will WANT both.  You won't be disappointed.

I am so proud to be able to show you these books.  When you have yours and decide what you want to make - this may help - Brian also has a line of fabrics coming out in February.  You can find out about them at Windham Fabrics.  If you are interested in reading Brian's blog....check it out here

So, there you are....a great new book to warm you over the winter.  I have already read every word in it and look forward to being inspired by all the photos and every single one of the 375 embroidery designs in it's pages.  It's inspiring, as I said and since I feel I know YOU...well, I was pretty sure you would enjoy knowing about it.  ENJOY!

It's been raining here today, with thunder, lightning, some wind and cooler temps.  I think I'll get back under my quilt, take a pad and pen, these books of Brian's and sketch a few ideas myself.  What a way to wind up a cold/rainy day!  Thank you, Brian.  Take care out there, pat


Julie Fukuda said...

Thanks for the good book review. I will have to put that one on my list.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

great post and review. I really like his work...simply embellished art. Magic. I added both books to my wishlist. I love crazy quilt that is not all frau frau. Thanks for posting about a fellow Hoosier. I never saw his work before.

Have a great week.
xx, Carol

Christy said...

Looks interesting ... I will definitely check it out. Thanks, Pat.

Shannon Young said...

If this book is half as good as his first one, it's definitely a keeper! His work is gorgeous and I love his down-to-earth writing style. After experiencing She-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named & reading her books, he's a breath of fresh air in the crazy quilting realm. :-)

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