Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Three Small Quilts and a Book Giveaway

This will be my "Happy Thanksgiving" post.  I don't know why I chose these quilts for this post, but I often don't know what I'm you for some reason....these are the ones you are getting tonight.  They are some of my favorites, actually, so maybe that is why.  This first one began with that little square of muslin.  My friend, Jim, drew these little one inch drawings and wrote the words during a class I was teaching about writing on quilts.  He later gave it to me and I said I would make a quilt out of it.  He doubted me....but here is the quilt. 
I had watched him during the class and couldn't believe he got so many little drawings done in so small a space...and during the same amount of time others spent writing their letters or poems or whatever they had chosen to do. 
Jim works rather quickly and these are some of the smallest drawings I've seen him do...and they are special.
So, I just pieced this little quilt and among the quilt stitches are the hearts.....they are stitched with red perle cotton in a back stitch which in this case, became the quilting stitches....yes, they show on the back.
Here is the label for the quilt....gosh, this sure happened a long time ago!  But, truly, it seems like yesterday!
Here is another quilt containing some of Jim's work and mine too.  He told me he could draw something better than those little squares in the previous one day an envelope arrived in my mailbox with this little square in it.  He knew I loved he created this little nest with birds just for me!  I do love it!  And, once again, I said I'd make a quilt with it.  On this quilt, I used a lot of buttons and simple piecing.  All these quilts are about 24 - 30 inches.  Not very big. 
I had this little brass bird I just had to add to the quilt.  Fitting, as Jim loves to embellish his quilts with lots of 'stuff.'
This is the edge of the quilt.  I just had to bead the looks pretty good and was fun to do.
Simple piecing, as I said....and simple quilting too. 
This is the label.....I cut that spray of flowers out and used fusible web to iron it to the fabric.  Something I don't normally do, but I really did like the way this one turned out.  And, then, the 'story' too.  There's always a story!
I like the way the beading provides extra interest in the finished quilt.  Seeing it again makes me want to SEW!!!!
Jim always said I couldn't make a quilt on the sewing machine.  Mostly because I just don't much like sitting at a sewing machine.  One day, I decided I would make a quilt top on the machine.  Fusible applique and all.  This is the pattern I drew and the top was made in speedy fashion.  Of course, you can probably tell, I had to embroider something...that orange wavy design....and it is hand quilted. 
So, I guess he was right...I can't really make a quilt on the machine.  I really enjoyed embroidering that orange wave...Herringbone Stitch meandering along the border.  It was great fun!
Can you see the little plastic fly on that leaf?  Jim gave me a couple of them, encouraging me to 'embellish'...he thought I wouldn't use it, but I thought it added a little fun to the quilt!
Machine stitched the outside edge of the leaves and the veins......

This is the back of the quilt....just loved this Fall fabric and had to use almost looks like this around our area now as the leaves finally turned. 
When I taught the class that Jim took...writing on fabric....I made this little book.  It was meant as a souvenir of the class.  I ended up having hundreds of them printed and have sold and/or given them away for years.  I'm down to the last few.  Today I decided I would give those last few away.  If you would like one.....(I have TEN of them).......kindly comment on this blog post and I'll  pick ten winners.
I plan on taking a little  blogging son is coming for Thanksgiving and we will have around 38 folks for the you comment, and I'll choose TEN winners on Tuesday, November will all be over by then and favorite son will head back to California.  Make sure I have a way to contact you!

So....please have a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Stay warm, safe and have FUN!  take care out there, pat


Sharon said...

Hi Pat I hope life is treating you well. These are just lovely and yes I would love to win one of your books....I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving also filled with family and love.

Nan S. said...

I enjoyed viewing your beautiful quilts. I would love one of your books. Happy Thanksgiving.

ledamewood said...

Hi Pat,

I would love to win this, even though I recently won a giveaway. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your book, it was like a trip down memory land and my introduction to quilting. My young student has enjoyed it too, and felt honored that you gifted her with her own copy. She has been a delight and so gracious. Enjoy the time with your son. I will be flying out to see one of my sons on the 27th and spending 12 days with him. I've very excited about that.

Patti said...

Pat, What beautiful labels. I would love to win a copy of this little book. I hope that you and your family have a wonderful, and peaceful Thanksgiving. Enjoy.

Cathy K said...

Such lovely little quilts!

Have a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. We will all be together, too, but on the Saturday following Thanksgiving. It's our annual Fiesta, where all the kids (and spouses and family) come to our house after having spent Thanksgiving Day with their other families. We eat Mexican food, a welcome change (by that point) from turkey, etc.

Hugs, Cathy

Jane S. said...

You and your friend Jim have made some wonderful little quilts! You're both so talented. :)

I'd love to be entered in for one of your books. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Gill said...

I loved sharing your quilt and seeing Jim's input! What fun you had!
I would love to win one of your books!

Dolores said...

Yes please, put my name in the running for one of those books. We've already celebrated our Thanksgiving but I hope you and yours have a great one.
Nice to see you hand quilted those little quilts.

Sarah or Semmy said...

You are so talented and that makes visiting your Blog so very interesting and delightful. The writing on quilts is such a clever thing to do to embellish them. Your wonderful little quilts have given me many ideas. I would like to have one of the books to inspire me further. Thanks, Sarah

Cindy P said...

Oh, me! Me! Me! I NEED one of those books, Pat! I need to learn to write on fabric. I am GOING to make a crazy quilt at some point and I need to learn how to write on the blocks.

I have Brian's first book and I look forward to getting the second one.

And you know I love your little quilts. They are darling.


Shannon Young said...

Hi, Pat!! I would love to receive one of your wee books. :-) Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends!


Bonnie Jobe said...

Pat - how special those drawings are on your little quilts. You are both so talented...I would love to draw like he does.

Thanks for giving away your little books...I would buy one if it were for sale! The drawings look sit a spell with tea or coffee and watch the birds and read.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and friends!


Christy said...

hahaha, Pat! Yes, I also am fully into the 'what did I walk into this room for' mode. I also forget what my point is, usually in the middle of a sentence. It's just terrible and all you can do is laugh about it. Geez.

Those quilts are so cute! I've always loved the way you write on the quilts, too. (Palmer method, Catholic school?)

Please, Pat, have yourself a wonderful Thanksgiving and I wish your family a wonderful holiday, too. <3


Louise Doney said...

Oh Pat how I would love to win one of your books (it would be a great Birthday present for me.) your little quilts are very special ,you are so Blessed to have such a talented friend to match your talent.
Happy Turkey Day

Pat Salada said...


Your quilts are lovely and you must
be having a hard time giving them
away. Enjoy your break and have
a terrific time with your family
over the holiday. My children
are coming home too....wonderful!

Pat S.

Jodi - usairdoll said...

What beautiful quilts and great drawings. I can't draw a straight line, hehe. My son is coming home from deployment next week and we are so excited! Enjoy your visit from your son as well as everyone else. Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

Thank you for a great giveaway and a chance to win.


JLL24 said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Love to have a copy of your book. Love your work. Hope you have the best holiday, enjoying time with your favorite son, and the rest of your family. I have a favorite son, also.

Meredith said...

Hi Pat, enjoy the time with your son, we'll be waiting for your return. Your book looks quite intriguing and would be a nice memory of you. Your friend from Canada, Meredith

Judy Rychnowski said...

The beaded quilt is just adorable! I never thought about doing beading around a quilt - great idea...Enjoy reading your blog! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. God Bless, Judy R from Buffalo

JoJo said...

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Loved the hand stitching on the quilt. I would love a copy of your book if I'm lucky enough to win one.

Allison Aller said...

Very fun quilts and I especially love that label! I'd love to win one of those books of yours, too! Happy Holidays.... ;-)

vicki said...

Hi Pat- I hope your holiday was lovely with your family. I worked that day-- spent it with the "little people". Saving our dinner get together for a bit later---

You amaze me in that you constantly show us new quilts-- gorgeous projects! I'd love to see your never ending stash! They are all so lovely Pat- your handwork is your special gift.

You are so generous to host this lovely giveaway-- I'm sure the line is long for those who would love one of these beautiful books. I'm standing in that line also-- I can just see that book in my "nesting" photoshoots.

Sending you a big hug--

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