Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Art Girls"....Some of My Favorite Things

This first small piece was painted by one of my favorite bloggers...Sharon Tomlinson.  I love her wonderful faces.  This one is an original and was painted on a 'page' from a child's board book.  Don't you love her too? 
Then, there is this beauty....another of Sharon's original pieces.  I just had to have her....Sharon taught me how to use decorative paper napkins in mixed media pieces.  And, gave me encouragement in trying that technique out for myself.  I am grateful, as I've enjoyed many hours 'playing around' with lovely paper and paper napkins.  If you've never visited her will learn something from her and enjoy it why not check out what she does HERE.  Sharon lives not very far from where I grew up....tell her I sent you.  You will love her faces too!

These two pieces were created by Kelly Rae Roberts.  My daughter knows I love Kelly Rae's artwork, which is licensed and found in stores occasionally, I am gifted with a piece of her work.  Lucky me!!!  And, I also like it because my own daughter is also named Kelly! You can read all about Kelly Rae and her work Here.
This beautiful mirror was given to me by my daughter for Christmas.  It's quite wonderful...and I just had to hang it in this room with the other 'art girl' pieces...even though this one doesn't have a girl on it.  I love it hanging here and think the knobs are just great and the perfect place to hang some 'jewels.'  Reflected in the mirror is the opposite side of the vanity in this bathroom...more on that as we go.   This piece makes me smile....and I really enjoy the green frame around the you all's my favorite color~

This piece is one of my own creations.  Not on the level of Sharon's and Kelly's....but helped along by the inspiration I have received from their work.  Scrapbooking paper, text from a book or two, paper napkin roses, and vines hand drawn....I did enjoy making this.  Oh, the heading..."Thursday, April 16, 1916", was taken from a vintage ledger from my son-in-law's family store.  There were several ledgers...some over a hundred years old.  My son-in-law has kept the really nice ones for safekeeping, but there were some that were falling apart...those he gave to me.  I have used pieces of them on several different canvases so far.
This piece was such fun for me to create....just playing around with my chosen 'ingredients' and seeing what I could come up with.  I even used crystals for this lady's earrings.

This small piece of Kelly Rae's is so cute.  Another gift. 

As you may remember, around here, they call me the Queen of Everything.

A close up of this dear inspiring!!

And, the Butterfly lady name for her, not Sharon's.  She's quite lovely....I wonder what she is thinking?
 And, again...the mirror.  such FUN!!!

 Another girl from Kelly Rae.....delightful!  I also love the colors she has used.
This one is just great......and reminds me of Valentine's Day!!!   Love that tiny heart!

 Now these have nothing to do with the Art Girls....they just exist in the same room with them. And, since they appear in the same photo at the beginning of this post...though I'd show them too, as they truly are some of my 'favorite things' too.
 A little 'birdbath' with a tiny glass cloche....holding things dear to my heart.  That tiny handmade basket was given to me long, long ago by a longer here, but not forgotten.  Little handstitched buttons there sweet and delicate!  LOVE!

In my house (and out in my backyard studio also) you will find buttons in all kinds of containers and in all kinds of odd places.  I discovered this old jar a while back in my local flea just screamed 'buttons' to me!

And, this is the view in that mirror - given to me by my friend, Jim.  A lady embroidering.  Now, where would he have gotten that idea?
This little girl just had to be hung in this room with all my 'art girls.'  She's an old print...yes, from the flea market.  She reminds me of my niece, Gina.  A grown-up now...but I still see her in my mind at this age.  Both are beautiful!  And, yes, a real bird nest....and egg!
So, there you are!  Two of my favorite artist's work....for me to see as often as I'd like....wonderful!
Visit their'll enjoy the visit!!!  Take care, pat


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

You definitely surround yourself with art you love and art you have created. Thanks for another glimpse into your world.
xx, Carol

Deb said...

Such beautiful art. Could come and help me decorate my home.

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