Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Two Gifts

Hi!  Hope you are all well......I know you are busy and I am also busy....but thought I'd spend some time showing you two beautiful gifts recently given to me by friends.  Beautiful things deserve to be seen and appreciated, not to mention that the gift  'givers' should be properly thanked.   So, here we are...my two absolutely gorgeous gifts....from friends Jim and Susan.  First I'll begin with Jim.  He sent lace.  Susan gave me a beautiful knitted scarf from her very own hands....and I used it as the background for Jim's lace.  You'll notice it through out this post...more later.

Jim sometimes sends me things in the mail,  not all that often though, so I was surprised the other day when I went to the mailbox and this little envelope was there.  It's 5" x 8" and since there was no envelope art to see, I expected it just had a note or something in it. (He has been known to send me fabulous "envelope art.")  Imagine my surprise when I opened it and all these little lacey treasures fell out of it. Whoo-hoo!!!
They are all very small and perfectly wonderful!  I've photographed each and added a closeup of each.  They deserve to be seen as closely as possible and are a wonderful sight to see.  Oh, it boggles the mind how such tiny lacey things can take your breath!
And, it's closeup.  So lovely.

A little square one......so dainty.

And, it's closeup.  Makes me imagine all kinds of ways to use these..... you think there might there be a crazy quilt in my future?

A very small round lacey thing, more inspiration for a crazy quilt.
Things that can be done with just a needle and thread are a constant amazement to me.  Don't you sometimes wonder who invented the first needle?  Well, I'm sure that first needle was a piece of bone or something, but how did the idea get in that person's head?  Yes, it boggles the mind!
 A rose is a rose.  Thank goodness!
 And, the rose's closeup......
This piece is quite small too, about three inches square.  Of course, I love the little embroidered flowers in the corners!
 No way I could do all the work on this piece...but, I COULD embroider those corners!

 Quite a fantastic triangle, wouldn't you say?
 And, it's closeup.

 Another square....so pretty...the inspiration in every thread!

LOVE!!!  I have to tell you that Jim went to Texas, may I say SEVERAL times this summer and fall to work on an estate sale for a friend of his that does that kind of thing for a living.  The estate was that of a multimillionaire in Dallas and it went on over several months.  Mostly Jim cleaned silver.  If you read his blog, then you know.  But, evidently, he managed to get into some other things, as he often does, and these pieces he bought for me.  Lucky me!!!

Now, here is a view of the scarf that Susan made just for me.  Of course, it is green, as you know, I love the color green.  Susan is a knitter and a quiltmaker and quite a lovely person.    This scarf is so soft, sometimes I just pick it up to handle it for a while...very tactile.  

This photo absolutely does NOT do it justice...it's not drab at all....just a lovely varigated green, as soft looking as it feels.

 All the various shades of green.......can you SEE how soft it is???  So lovely.

So, THANK YOU, Susan, and THANK YOU, Jim...for remembering me in your thoughts and deeds.
I am very grateful for you both!!

Now, my blog readers....kindly take note....I will be having a Valentine Giveaway....if you check back with me over the weekend...I will post about the Giveaway....and would love for you to comment in order to win it.  See you over the weekend!!!  take care, pat


NickiLee said...

WOW! What a special guy he is to send you all those pretties - lucky girl! Enjoy them!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Wonderful laces!. Jim's a Gem. Yes, I could see how soft that scarf is.

Your post got me to thinking how a special person draws special people to them.

xx, Carol

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

No surprise that people send sweet things to you! That scarf looks so cozy! So nice to hear from you again!

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Pat!!! You are one of the winners of my lavender sachets!!! I'll be sure to make the one with your name on it too ;) Please email me with your address to sewmanyroses@yahoo.com....wishing you a wonderful week dear friend, hugs and love, Dawn

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