Thursday, July 25, 2013

"A Green Glass Button Collection"

From the tour of my studio someone asked about the stack of glass boxes and the green buttons.  So, being that they are one of my very favorite collections here, I have decided to let them 'out of the box' and show them to you.  Here's the glass box....with an assortment of beautiful green buttons.......many of which were a gift to me from a friend. 

All of these little gems came out of that box.  All of them are glass.  All delightful!!

This is a pin made from several old buttons.  I didn't make it, but found it at the flea market.  Notice the two green buttons. 

Some of the this photo two my favorites would be the rectangular light green one and the triangular one with the gold edging. 

I love the larger button in this photo...but I don't think it's all that old......but the fancy green ones...four here.....ARE vintage.  I looked them up once and know they are worth a lot more than I paid for them......all glass...all gorgeous!

LOVE these too!  Look at that tiny pretty!  I'm especially fond of green glass, rather it's a button, a drinking glass, a vase, so pretty!

I have some glass ball buttons in green and in a few different sizes.  In this photo there is one, clear green, but I also love that greenish/blue button too.  And, those three with the pink.  They are very small.

More small ones.

The diamond shaped one and the oval one are two of my all time favorites.

I've no idea, really, which buttons are worth the most.........I just know which ones I love the most.   For instance, on the left about half way up the photo...that tiny faceted one.  LOVE!!!

I think they are all quite nice!

Some more ball shaped buttons...these are kind of large...........I prefer that little square one in the middle!


You can find something different to like in each's always amazing to me that these have lasted as long as they have without somehow getting broken!

Love this one!

This one is my VERY favorite of all!  Can you see why?  Yes, it's that cute little bird!!!

And, a few more.  Amazing how many buttons there could be in this world!

And, finally, another look into the glass box.  I think of it as a 'Treasure Chest.  My friend, Claudine, in France, said my Nest "was like the cave of Ali Baba."  I suppose this little glass box is as good a treasure as I will ever come maybe she is right!   Hope you enjoyed seeing these lovely green glass gems.  Til next time, take care.  Pat


Julie Fukuda said...

Yep, that looks like a treasure chest to me!

Jane S. said...

Look at all those beautiful buttons! I'd do the same thing you did -- put them in a glass box so that I can take them out and look at them, and sort them, and play with them. :)

Claudine said...

What beautiful buttons! Personally, I love the partitioned (Chinese style) in the fourth photo. And on the tenth photo, the small triangular button (very beautiful) reminds me of the cicadas earthenware or clay that is put in the Provencal house in France. They bring good luck. And I love the little button with the little bird.
Another nice article Patricia!
I am enclosing the link to my blog.
Maybe it will work if you copy. Kisses and good day

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Gorgeous!! Before one of my best friends ever passed away, she gave me her antique button collection. That was in 1990 when button brooches were the fad. She had three daughters, so I made each of them a brooch using their mother's buttons.

Have one of those glass boxes somewhere. It's a perfect way to display special items. I hope I find mine and give it new life. You just ooze inspiration!!

Much Love

Christy said...

Hi Pat! My gosh, Girl, you have some beautiful buttons! What frustrates me is that I can't find many cute or wonderful ones for myself. I guess it's because my small, superboonie town only has a JoAnns as far as anything creative and we don't have a regular flea market. I think, though, that you've inspired me to go find a good flea market when it gets a bit cooler. All I've heard about around here are estates sales which I always hear about afterwards. I'll grab my daughter to go with me - she's always good about finding good stuff (she's Queen of the Goodwill Store!). I haven't been to the two secondhand shops around here in awhile, so I guess I should visit them soon, too.

My favorite colors have always been purples and blues, but the past few years, I've had a growing affinity for greens - mostly dark green/jade greens - and your buttons are just beautiful in all the green shades. You have such unusual ones, too. Like I've said before, you've got some absolutely terrific flea markets in your area! I've also told you before that you need an addition to the Nest and I think it should be a museum! hahahaha!

Thanks for the inspiration, Pat, and for letting us "virtually" play in your Nest.

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