Friday, July 19, 2013

Beaded Purses and a Necklace

I came out into the Nest tonight to take photos of the blackboard.  Now, really.  Where was my brain?
Caught myself arranging this little purse on an old quilt I made long has a story by maybe I'll tell it some other time.  Anyway, out of the blue, I thought.."Oh, I'm doing the wrong thing...this isn't the blackboard."  So, pardon my lack of thought tonight, I'll do the blackboard thing on Sunday or Monday.  Some of my readers made special requests to know more about several things shown on my studio tour.  Dana, Christy and Claudine (in no particular order) asked about the beaded purse on the mannequin, the silver necklace also on the mannequin and fringe.  Hence, this post.

 This is the little purse I mentioned buying at the Biltmore Estate on a trip with friends, Sharon H. Jim, and Deon.  The color is pretty's a dark bluish grey.  And, lovely.  I hope you enjoy seeing it up close.  Of course, I had to buy at the time I was really into making fringed pincushions and loved the beading. 

So, here are some close ups...this one being the strap.  It's long...and I like that it's three strands of beading in a braided effect.  It wouldn't be hard to reproduce if you were so inclined.

 The top part of the purse is really neat....I like that the fabric peeks out.  

 A quick look inside.  The purse is quite small and that opening is about three inches wide.

Here is the little silver purse.  It was a gift from my friend, Mary Lou....and also was displayed on the mannequin.   

 Here it is opened up.....TINY.  So cute and lacey.  It's about 1 1/2 inches across and 1 3/4 inches up and down.  Maybe I should have put something in it for the photo...but I just now thought of it.  Some days I just don't get how my brain works....or doesn't.

You can see it here in my hand....pretty, isn't it?

 Here it is from the side.  I have some special little silver charms I should probably put inside it...that would be cute.

This is the back........

 And, here it is opened........yes...something has to go in there.  Thank you again, Mary's right at home I want YOU to feel when you come over!

This little purse....5 inches x 8 inches when closed like this....was displayed in that glass-topped wooden box near the jewelry boxes over all the beads in the studio tour, Part Three.  Another flea market find.  I LOVE the beading on it...including the background beading.  So pretty.

Embroidered and beaded.  Quite lovely.

Embroidered in Straight Stitches, and then beaded in several different kinds of beads.

In this photo, you see the flower on the back of the purse.  The background beading reminds me of 'echo' quilting.

Here is the purse opened up.....

And, here it is open and standing up.  LOVE!

I HAD to show this one to wasn't in the tour, but I wanted you to see it anyway.  It is completely made of beads....and weighs a ton.  It's quite old and actually falling apart.  I found it at a flea market and had to 'rescue' it.  Too delicate to repair, but beautiful to see.  And, there is more fringe to look at.  These are metal beads, in a silver, bronze or brass, and gold.  They are three different a very complicated design.  Up at the top about an inch and half can see where some kind of strap or handle was removed.  The 'flaps' front and back fold down.  

Here is a close up of the fringe.  Quilt simple, really, but a fancy fringe would not have been necessary with the complicated beading design.  

Here is a close up view.

 And, another.  You can see that it isn't in very good shape......but consider it's age.

In this of the top edges is folded down...having no fabric involved means that both the inside and the outside of the bag are I weighs a LOT...and it feels cool to the touch too.  It's fun to hold...very tactile.

Another photo of the fringe.

 And a better closeup.  Can you imagine beading this?  Now, how old do you think it is?  And, having nothing at all to go on....I think it is from France.  No idea why. you think it might be French?  Do any of you have any guesses?  I paid $5 for it.  Just couldn't bear to leave it at the flea market!

 And, here it is with Mary Lou's heart over top...right in the center.  I particularly like this photo!  Hope you enjoyed the beads!  And, on Sunday or Monday, I WILL post about the blackboard.  Meantime, take care, enjoy yourself and scout out some wonderful beading or fringed items for yourself...really a couple of fun items to search for!  Take care, stay cool.  pat

PS.  Had to add this photo.  Now, really, look at these beads...coming off one strand of the fringe.  This is what the 'big fuss' is about.  Hundreds of these tiny beads...sewn each to the other in this little bag.  Don't you wonder who did it?  And, how....while probably in poor light.  Little tiny beads....making a BIG, BIG statement!  You gotta love it!


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

They are WONDERFUL!!

I just couldn't help thinking about the junk we get from China and comparing it to these treasures from long ago. So many young people will never appreciate the beauty of antique handwork.

Have a great weekend. Hope you are cool and that the storms heading my way are not starting where you are!
xx, Carol

Peonies & Magnolias said...

How gorgeous. I love beadwork and these are beautiful examples and Carol is right about the junk from China. Such a shame young people won't know what they are missing in handwork.

Hope you have a great weekend. We are hot and humid and going to stay that way from the look of our 10 day forecast.


Laurie said...

These purses are stunning!! Carol is right. Look how long these beautiful works of are have lasted, compared to anything made today in other countries where quantity instead of quality are the norm. I'll take these beauties any day! Have a wonderful week-end, stay cool!

Julie Fukuda said...

Those things remind me of long ago when I had to attend many of my husband's business functions wearing evening gowns and carrying fancy purses that were more decorative than useful. I still keep a few but I doubt I will ever use them again.

Jane S. said...

I'm so glad that you're rescuing those beautiful purses! Such a shame when people just throw them away and don't even try to preserve them somehow. You got a real bargain with that last one. Even if the purse is in poor condition the beads themselves are worth quite a bit.

Claudine said...

I like the first little purse and pretty color, but I prefer the second. A beautiful work of craftsmanship and love that is very small.
The cover is beautiful with his work embroidery and beads on and around the roses.
As for the bag made ​​entirely of beads, a wonder! What a pity that time have been damaged. I do not know if it was created in France but because the designs created by the beads, I think it was at least a hundred years.
Thank you for the sight of your treasures Pat. Kisses and see you soon.

Pat Winter said...

Yes, the last purse is French. I have one that I found in the original box at a tag sale or $5.00 also.

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