Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"The Nest: Part One"

 Hello out there!  Hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July!  We had the quiet one we wanted and it was just great...we even got to sit on the front porch and watch a short, but sweet fireworks display put on by neighbors down the street.  A very good night!!  I've said I would give you a tour of my backyard studio on Monday...and before Monday is over...I'm determined to do it.  I will apologize in advance for it's length and the number of photos.  I've had to decide to do it in parts because as I took photos this evening...I managed to line up over fifty of them and I wasn't even half way through the place.  So...this will be Part One and if I don't bore you, there will be more to follow.  This photo shows my door....and I will start the tour by looking to the left as you enter my little Nest.

As you look left upon entering...there is a bank of drawers loaded with all kinds of stuff, including UFO's.  Yeah, I have them too!  There are many drawers here, as you will notice as we go along.  As I mentioned, I am a 'hoarder' - I just try to be neat about it.  There are many things on display here and between all the displayed items are places to work.  This particular area is where I would sew by machine.  Yes....you know I don't like to sew on the machine, preferring hand work whenever possible, but I do have to use a machine on occasion...so here we are.  As you can see, there are button collections, thread spools, and at least three sewing machines.  I have one more, not shown, my little red Featherweight.  More on that some other time.  If you see anything you want to know more about....either comment, or send me an email.

Then, there is THAT bed!!!!  I love this bed....a gift from friend, Sherry.  I am toying with the idea of moving it back into my house....mainly because I could use more room out here....but, who knows what I will do.  As I said, I am 'toying' with the idea.  Of course, what will I do with all the stuff UNDER the bed and it makes a great place to show quilts!  I've moved in my little garden bench and loaded it down with quilts, wire bins of lace and other things....I like things that have storage on top and underneath too.  That must be another sign of a hoarder.  And, I know you see the light fixtures.  Well, they are not the most desirable lights for photographs, but when you have the vision issues I have...well eight fixtures with four tubes each are NOT too much light!  About a month ago, I decided to hang some of my numerous baskets from the light fixtures.  Probably not the best thing to do, but I like them hanging anyway. (However, I do NOT like climbing ladders.)  You know...you only have to make yourself happy if the little house is YOURS!

 Just last week, I put this clothes rack together and hung up lots of vintage garments...mostly children's clothes, a couple of my mother-in-law's garments, some of daughter Kelly's, some doll clothes, etc.
I have more packed away.  One of my goals as the year progresses, is to go through all the drawers in this place and clean them out.....no telling what I will find.  On the bottom of this rack rests my vintage baby shoe collection...one of the things you will see next time.

Here are some of the 'goodies' displayed around the room.......a tray full of laces, darning eggs, threads, buttons, etc.  I change this out every once in a while.  Some vintage books I have in the back along with our passports to go to Germany and Japan when I was a child.    Remember, Dad was in the army.  That wooden egg came from our couple of years in Germany.

I have a small collection of vintage calling cards.  Just love them and rarely find any here.  The dolls, one under glass and two others, gifts from Jim.  There is some vintage French ribbon back there too. And, then, there is that green chest....I found it at the flea market...and it's full of my best buttons.  Well, some of my best buttons.  Our flea market finds can really come in handy sometimes!

I bought this little hutch quite a while back and just love the primitive little thing.  Lots of my little goodies on it's shelves.  Don't you just love that little pickup truck?  I always look for more, but haven't found any to date.  But, I'm still looking!  Love all the little dolls.  Got a few from my friend, Cherie, and found the rest....that little chair came from Hobby Lobby several years ago.

One of the commission quilts I made was for the 50th Anniversary of the UAMS School of Nursing in Little Rock, 2003.  This is a photo of it......it was about 76 inches square......and quite a pain to make (all by hand)....but I got it done and was thankful everyone loved it.  It is on display there in a lovely wood and glass display area along with other memorabilia from their fifty years.  Beside the photo is a cardboard 'pancake' doll I made.  Her bag is a a little nut basket from the Forties or Fifties.   I paid ten cents for it.

 Found the frame last year...it's very old...have no idea what to do with it, but something will come to me eventually.  I made that vintage 'looking' photo album in a class from Micah.  That is a very old newspaper page in the other frame. 

 Another thing I always look for...and seldom find....is old coin purses.  Now, why?  I've no idea, but I do love them so....and the more beat up they are...well, the more I love them!  That little one in the front is about two inches tall.

 I bought this little candy dish at our local Emporium right after it opened.  Dropped it while trying to put it and some other things in my car.  Made me sick, really, but when I got it home, found it had broken cleanly in half, so I just glued it back together and when it is full like this, well, you just can't tell it was broken!  Those are really old scissors, wouldn't cut a thing, but I like looking at them.  And, more buttons, OF COURSE!

I got really excited when I bought this sewing machine....it sews quite nicely...although runs a bit faster than I can think.  And, I found it to be a reproduction.  Well, it works and it looks quite beautiful...what more can we ask of a machine?

 One of my very favorite things..ever....is an empty vintage thread spool.  Here is a collection for you.
I think of them as 'sculpture.'  Once these were put in my living room, but I had to move them as people found them just a bit much for the living room....actually, I have grown more mature now, so I may put them back in there one of these days and enjoy the heck out of them, without caring what others think.  As I do out here in the Nest!  That painting in the black frame there....a print of one done by friend, Jim.  And, can a quiltmaker have too many spools of thread?  I think not.  Notice my little black Singer featherweight  sewing machine.  A thrill to find!  Sews perfectly...as they nearly always do.

 It took the old navy man and I a whole month to work this jigzaw puzzle of buttons.  A month!  When we finished it, found it was missing ONE piece.  That can certainly tick a person off.  So, I glued it together and hung in the Nest.  Rarely does anyone see where the 'hole' is.  There is my Bernina....such a waste for a person like me....but when I do sew and need more than a straight stitch, I am proud to have it.  Of course, I was shamed into buying it by my son and friend, Kelley D.  She said I needed a machine that didn't come over on the Mayflower!  This after she was trying to sew on my old machine at a workshop.  Son thought I should join the 20th Century before it was over which is why I also have a computer!

 More buttons.....some of these are pretty nice collectible ones.   Guess those will go to friend, Jim, should I leave this world before him.   Well, maybe.  Tease.

 Yeah, I took a lot of photos, didn't I?  And, I didn't really want to sort through them, so there are probably repeats.  Well, this one is a close-up, more or less.  When my son-in-law's family closed their clothing store in town...open for a zillion years....he gave me about a hundred and fifty unused spools of silk buttonhole twist.  Heaven on earth!!!....and saved, for now,  in those plastic boxes.  I have shared a bunch of them with equally enthusiastic friends.

Have you named your sewing machine (s)????  I have not, but some people do. 

Well, it's after midnight on Monday, as I continue with this post....makes this bed look pretty good right now.  Those Teddy Bears came from my mother's collection...which went to my sister...but she gave me these two....I loved their faces and their white clothing!

There's that garden bench....with it's load of goodies.  Makes me want to just dive in and make something...

 All kinds of vintage fabrics, laces, trims, and things.  Oh, JOY!

And, these are just the things that there are no more drawers to hold!  I guess it's sinful to have all this, but I really do share.   Actually, I also like to think I am appreciating what others did not want...and saving such things from the landfill.  That may be a self-serving kind of attitude, but it IS what I think.

 One of my favorite books, one of two by my friend, Brian.  With fabrics below, just waiting for me to get busy!  If you like crazy quilting...you need these books! 

Some old quilt pieces, just awaiting some attention...The Dresden Plate and the Star are waiting for a special project I'd like to have already started, but they are patient and will not give up.  That red,white and blue diamond piece came from my home town...from a little flea market there.  One day I will show you just what it is.

Oh, baby shoes!  I love them so.  These particular ones were worn by my own children.  One born in 1967 and one in 1968.  Kelly loved those little Mary Janes and the white pair next to them.  Scott's are on the left.  Two pair of shoes each.  And, wonderful memories.  I love old photos too.  I'd say about two per cent of the ones I have are 'real' relatives...the other ninety-eight percent...I've adopted.

So, okay...are you tired of this tour yet?  You know how I can just go 'on and on.'  Please join me on Thursday or Friday for Part Two and I'll take up where I left off......as we go around the room in the Nest.  And, til then, stay cool, safe and happy.  pat


Julie Fukuda said...

Very inviting and just like home, in that things are stored under things and on things. It's just that your stuff is a lot prettier than my stuff.

Sheila said...

Just beautiful! I could spend hours lost in your little nest. Love the dolls. Well actually I love everything. Makes me want to pull all my stuff out.
Looking forward to the next part.

ga447 said...

I am glad you had a quiet 4th we did also and I loved it. I love love your room, what fun it would be to do your creativity there. I love the display of your old books, your thread holders and so much more. I tried replying on bloglovin and it didn't work so I went to E blogger and it worked.

Stitcher S. said...

I'm happy you had a restful and fun 4th of July. Wow, you have an amazing nest! I love how it's so organized, and yet warm and comfortable. :)

Peonies & Magnolias said...

I am green with envy, it all looks fabulous and I love it all. Hope you have a great rest of the week.


Cindy P said...

But, but, but if you put the bed in the house, where will I sleep when I move into the Nest?

Oh, that's right! I'll be too busy to sleep because I'll be looking at all your stuff!

I used both of Brian's books to work on my wool christmas crazy quilt mat. I'll send you a picture when I get done. I also used a book that I've had before I EVER started quilting by this woman, Patricia Eaton! I bought it for the stitchery.

Hugs! I love your darling Nest.

Sherry said...

You already know how much I love your Nest. You have it looking especially beautiful and I could just sit and look at the pictures all night long! Every single one is pure inspiration to anyone with a studio or sewing room of their own, especially if they love vintage! Can't wait to see the rest!

Christy said...

Hi, Pat! So when are you going to build that addition onto the Nest? hahaha. I'll bet you have enough stuff to rival the flea markets ... AND all of the things you have are so lovely, whether you've gotten them from the flea markets or not.

I'm certain the ladies who read your blog all know that you share ... I've loved the items you've sent to me so unselfishly. You're a Sweetheart!

I will say, though, that it still befoggles my mind at the amount of BUTTONS you have! Someday you should make a quilt made almost entirely of buttons! I wonder how much it would weigh .... hmmmm. haha.

Take it easy.

Claudine said...

I love your nest Pat! This is the cave of Ali Baba! I love the collection of yarn and it's nice the story of everything that you tell us. I did not come for a long time and it is always a delight. Kisses and see you soon, Pat.
For social networks, no matter! A blog like yours is already a lot of work even if it is fun. Kisses

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Even if I had a "nest" that size, it would never be THAT organized. With a recycle/mulch plant a short distance away I battle dust and could never have my treasures on display like yours. I love your nest..absolutely.

I share your love of coin purses...and I also covet compacts.

Have a wonderful rest of the week and give the Old Navy Man an extra hug from your friends.
Much Love to you

Vicki Boster said...

Oh Pat - what a beautiful space you have -- I love every little nook and cranny! So many treasures to be found -- and I love that bed -- would definately leave it there - its perfect! This is such a special place for you -- I can see where you get all of your amazing inspirations.

Thank you for this wonderful tour of your beautiful place!


Thearica said...

Oh my goodness... I have had painters in my house and have not had a lot of time for blogging and then today I went to a bead show. So glad to just unwind before going to bed by coming to your blog. I love your "Nest"! I could get lost in there for days! love those buttons and that thread collection! The more I pull the photos up, the more I see!

The Feathered Nest said...

oh. my. goodnessssss. I AM IN HEAVEN HERE!!! Oh Pat, you truly ARE a girl after my own heart!!! So many amazingly wonderful treasures....I love it all so much...I've got to go drool over part TWO now!!!! much love and hugs, Dawn

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