Sunday, February 9, 2014

One of My Favorite Embroideries

Thought I'd slip out into the Nest this afternoon and try to post something...I haven't been heating the Nest because with the lousy weather the last two whole months....I've not been coming out it's COLD in here.  I was thinking this would only take me a bit of time, so would hurry through the posting and get back into the house.  We are supposed to get more snowy/icy stuff later and I'm not coming back out here if the deck and patio are frozen over as they have been.  Spring?  Do you think we are going to have one?  Anyway, I chose some photos that have been shown before, but at least this know I thought of you and wanted to say hi.

This pillow is one I made several years ago...looks like new though...don't think anyone has touched it but me.  I copied it from a small pillow purchased from the flea market.  It was falling apart and I decided to reproduce it...more or less, and this is the result.  I LOVED stitching it!!!  I'll let it speak for me, one of the best pieces I have ever made.

It's stitched on a piece of vintage fabric with a mixture of beads in a pearl color and a kind of bronze color as well.  It's all hand stitched and the beads were added one at a time.   The ribbon was stitched on with my favorite French Knots.  Great Fun!!!

Hope you are all safe and warm!  Just know I was thinking of you and hope to post real soon with a bit of warmer weather.  Take care, pat


Sheila said...

It is gorgeous!! I just love it.
Glad to hear from you. Stay warm!!

Vicki Boster said...

Pat-- such delicate and beautiful stitches-- I love the white on white. I think it's wonderful that you are making your way out to your nest-- your love would want you to do that:)

Take care of yourself--

Vivian said...

You are such a creative person.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Pat
The pillow is beautiful and its wonderful to hear from you...BUT
Please stay inside until the ice melts. Silly me. I put ice melt down so I could feed the birds on the deck, but then forgot to go back and chip it off when it started to melt so it refroze.

I am totally sick of this stinking winter. Thank you so much for NOT posting a snowy pic ~lol~
Take care and stay warm
Much love,

Teresita said...

Pat, estube leyendo tu blog y te digo que te acompañaré desde Argentina, tienes mis oraciones siempre. Tus trabajos son tan bonitos que me quedo un tiempo apreciándolos de tanto que me gustan. Un abrazo!

Christy said...

I love the bow! It really 'makes' the whole pillow. Beautiful.

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