Monday, May 12, 2014

Vicki's Nests and Jeanne's Thoughtfulness

This is the story of a most magnificent knitted bird nest and two most wonderful people.  There is a lovely lady who knits birds nests....and decorates them with hundreds of beautiful ribbons, yarns, buttons, beads, millinery flowers and such....then adds objects created by her artist friends to create a nest that will take your breath away.  Truly.  Her name is Vicki and you can find out all about these nests HERE.  Go there, you will see many beautiful things and find out what a special person she is AND you will enjoy it!  Do you see the bird nest to the left of the book in this photo?  That is one of Vicki's creations....and you will see it "up close and personal" in the following photos.

While you are enjoying these photos....I must tell you about the other special lady in my story.  She is Jeanne and you can find out about her on her blog HERE.   Jeanne is very special to me because she has been following my blog for some time and never fails to cheer me up when I need it.  How she knows, I don't know, but she does and her comments and emails have meant a lot to me, especially over the last several months.  She somehow KNEW I loved Vicki's knitted Nests, so the dear girl, unbeknowst to me, ordered one for me.  It came the other a complete surprise.  Vicki mailed it to me with a lovely note not only from her, but from Jeanne also.  While you look at these photos, you will know just how special this surprise is...both the Nest and the two girls are a treasure to me.


 Here is the Nest.....A beautiful vision for your eyes and it just has to touch your heart as it does mine.
So much thought, talent and yes, time and work, goes into each one.    They are just amazing.  You will want to see past versions of the Nests on Vicki's blog...each a masterpiece.    I can't believe Jeanne thought of me in this way....I have been blessed.

 Just had to add this book to my little Nest display in my entryway.  It just so 'goes' with the theme.
It's "Bird Egg Feather Nest" by MaryJo Koch.  I'm sure you can get it on  It's beautiful!

 I also had to add the new 'old' bird house.  New to me, made from previously loved wood from some building or other around Arkansas.  This Blue Jay feather came from my backyard.  The dried rose is from my stash of dried roses saved from bouquets over the years.  There is a vase of tiny dried roses in the photo also.  Little miniature ones, so sweet.


 Here is the page opposite the Nest in the book.  Also, a purple bird with a fabric rose....made by one of Vicki's artists.  Please visit 2bagsfull, Vicki's blog, and read about the artists who helped her create this beautiful Nest. 


 Look closely at this's a tiny garland made of three triangles of fabric with buttons, lace, etc.  I dearly love it!  Another artist to thank!  See, you have to visit 2bagsfull.  Vicki is dear and you will enjoy everything she shows you on the blog.  You will also see what a hardworking person she is...makes you proud you visited.  Then, there is Jeanne...a lovely she knows what I love I will never know...amazing since we have never met.  (I think I said that already, but it IS true!) I have for some time, thought it an amazing thing to hear from her and other people reading my blog...and to have her think of me in this way, well, it boggles the mind.
I wish she could know how special it is to me that she cared.
 So, be sure and visit her too!

Some millinery flowers...I wouldn't even know where to find these beautiful things!


 I love this little purple vine....well, everything is special, really and truly.


Here is Vicki's little'll see the other side in one of the next photos.  And, look at that tiny little embroidered flower.  So sweet!


And, the tiny Nest!


And, more!


 Isn't it just singing SPRING time!!

Yes, indeed!


 Another beautiful part of the Nest...this crocheted butterfly...another special artist.


 A beautiful green leaf.  Be still my heart!  You know green is my favorite color...and this one suits Springtime to well.


 Here is the other side of Vicki's tag. 


 Now, this little vintage plaque has nothing to do with the Nest gift.  But, I've had it a long time and it seems such a perfect sentiment to use to THANK Jeanne and Vicki.  Here's the verse:

Though measured not by tune or words,
There's beauty in the song of birds;
Thus, too, do friends enrich the heart,
With joy that friendship ties impart.

 Yes, two special friends, Jeanne and Vicki.  I never would have known them without this blog.  That, and the fact that they are so kind and generous and caring. Amazing, what the "Internet machine" has done for us, isn't it? 


The little rose in these two photos are from the dried arrangement on that buffet in my entry.  Saved from a little bouquet from my favorite son.  I just had to add one to this special Nest!

 Til next time, Pat ♥


Jeanne Gwin said...

Sometime in life we cross paths with someone who just takes your breath away. Someone who is strong, smart, fun, loving and a friend. Sometimes that friendship develops without ever meeting or speaking in person. I hope each of you that reads this has that opportunity in life. I met Pat through her blog and immediately felt such a strong connection, a connection that I can't explain or describe but a connection of the heart none the less. Again, I hope each of you can experience this type of connection. Pat is a unique woman who loves her "Old Navy Man' and her dear son. She is inspirational in her strength and talents. I have been blessed to have found Pat.
Now to you Miss Pat, you made me cry. You said such kind things about me and I know that I am just me, not anyone particularly special but I do believe I am someone who is loving and caring. You captured the nest in your pictures and it is so beautiful. Vicky did an outstanding job and I am so so happy to have been able to send it to you. I know you will love it forever and a day. Maybe you can take this nest with you when you join your "Old Navy Man" and share with him. Love you Pat and think of you daily.

Cindy P said...

I LOVE those nests! And yours is just perfect for you.

So much inspiration, every time you have a blog post, Pat. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

And I love that pretty quilt on the wall. One of yours?


Julie Fukuda said...

Perfect friends with the prefect gift!
Jeanne has said it so well.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

The nest is the most wonderful surprise and so very thoughtful. It's the perfect addition to your wonderful treasures.
Much Love

Vicki Boster said...

Dearest Pat-- I'm truly humbled that your dear friend would want to gift you one of my little creations-- your friendship must be very special. I hope your new nest brings you much joy-- we all love you and want to know that your heart is smiling again--

Sheila said...

What a wonderful gift. Enjoy it.

Christy said...

A beautiful little nest just like your beautiful little nest in back of your house. Enjoy!

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