Monday, June 23, 2014

Two Books for People Like Me and "The Great Eaton Moving Saga Begins"

                                                                               "The Great Eaton Moving Saga" has begun!  I have been packing for what seems like weeks at this point, with so much more to go. (It hasn't been that long!!) I am reminded daily that I am somewhat of a hoarder.  It's a fact of life and I don't think much will change, even with the move to a great little home...and with no studio.  So, along with packing, I am trying to decide what can go somewhere else to live and what can go with me.   Here are two of my favorite books...about collecting and collectors.  They are very inspiring to me and I hope you will look them up and see if they would do the same for you. (And, they are going with me, of course!)
"a perfectly kept house is the sign of a misspent life" and "NEVER STOP TO THINK...DO I HAVE A PLACE FOR THIS?"  Both by Mary Randolph Carter.  (I got them at  Needless to say, they are not helping me decide what to edit from my possessions, but I find them comforting in that they introduce me to folks who are "like me." 

Rather than show you pages in these books, I have decided to show you part of what I am dealing with here....LOTS of stuff!  Most of this is already packed and ready to go...with only some of it going to storage or to a new owner.  I may end up with more of it going away if I get to the new home and 'something' has to give!  I'm going to let you guess where all this stuff was in this house...or else I'll be posting all day.  Just suffice it to say, it's a lot of packing!!!

No way am I leaving this fabulous little gas heater...retrieved from my son-in-law's family store which closed a few years ago.  I do love it so!  And, oh gosh, I may never get all the books I have stuffed here and there over to the new place...but you know - I will try!

Dishes....well, some of them will go somewhere....but not my favorites! 

Family photos....real family and adopted family from the flea market.  These will go with me.

This antique washstand is one of my most loved things.  The old navy man bought it for me a couple years after we got married.  It HAS to go with ME! 

Loaded with old things.......old ashtrays full of glass buttons, photos...more real and adopted family, including me as a child.  Lots of quilts in the house...all going with me, OF COURSE!

This vintage print belonged to my mother-in-law.  It always reminds me of her.  It's been one I admired for a long time.

Here's the glass buttons in glass ashtrays....a card from sweet Vicki, other vintage things on a tray with a newspaper under glass.  Now, do you think I would not want to keep these?

These old suitcases are filled with REAL family photos and papers.  And, on top, old thread bobbins, a photograph album I made myself....staying with me!

Old quilts and linens stacked under this cart I use for a nightstand....books, all...yes, going with me!

This is most, but not all, of my vintage clothing collection, including many children's garments.  A few pieces from my daughter and mother-in-law are tucked in there, but the rest are quite old.   I don't own that many pieces of clothing in my own wardrobe, so figure these will go in one of the two closets in the master bedroom of my new home.  Fingers crossed.

Yes, I also have collected a pretty good amount of baby shoes.  Including the ones my children wore.  Now, why, I can't tell you....just know that it's difficult for me to turn them down when they show up in my life.  I was fortunate enough to find the child's shoe form and also the baby one...I had never seen one that small....well, you had to come home with me!

 A better look!

Artwork in my front bathroom....will go in one of the bathrooms at the new place.  Work by Sharon Tomlinson, Lisa Klaus, Kelly Rae Roberts and ME!  (Click to see up close!)

A little cabinet from friend, Jim.  Also some TINY buttons....adorable, and an old hanky with an "E" monogram.  


See....LOVE!!!  Packed and ready to go!

My mantle in the living room....will take it down and right over to the new place and put it right back up.  Part of my collection of old clocks.....and little chests of drawers.  One can never have too many!

The butterflies are real, I bought them at an estate sale, along with the little butterfly book.  They belonged to a local doctor's family....I think they are special, as you can see.  The little girl with butterfly wings, made for me by a special friend, Gaby, in Germany, see her work here.

Close-ups of mantle.

Other side.

Not attractive, really, but in my kitchen.  I like things 'at hand.'  That little green glass measuring cup has a crack in it....but caring friend, Susan, gave it to me, from Dr. Bob's family.  Something I love!
I keep all my measuring spoons in it.

 A piece of art from friend, Jim, painted long ago, a very fun piece of art.  Some of the old navy man's vintage bottles...he went out and scrounged around to find them....two vintage children's cups, a wine bottle from Texas from my sister, and roses, (not real).  Packed and going.

So, you can see lots will be going....but lots will go somewhere else too.  As I said, I don't like packing...but just think how much fun UNPACKING will be!

I'll be keeping you posted as the moving saga continues.
Until then, pat ♥


Sherry said...

Oh, Pat; what a wonderful post! I've had the privilege of being in your house but it feels rude to just sit and stare. So, I can look at these pictures all I want! I know your new home will be as warm, interesting, and welcoming as this one. Can't wait to see it, too!

Sherry in Little Rock

Christy said...

Poor Pat!! I know EXACTLY how you feel! And so what if the walls in your new home bulge a little ... it adds character. hahaha. Just so you know, if I lived anywhere near to you, I'd be over there helping ... and making a list of what I'd re-home for you. *wink*

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I so enjoyed seeing your home and all of the lovely collections you have. Sharon always said I would love your home! And our dear friend was right! I sooooo miss her!

Vicki Boster said...

Oh my gosh!! Pat--- it's all so beautiful! How will you ever pack it all up-- how will you decide what to leave?? Your task must seem daunting-- I'm sending up extra prayers to guide you through this process!

NickiLee said...

Such beautiful treasures and each with a beautiful memory.

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A Bit of Heaven
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