Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Finished Project....and Texas

I tried to find something different to post today....but for some reason....nothing attracted my eye.  Then I remembered this great photo of the most recent scarf I finished knitting.  I LOVE finishing something!!  And, I thought this photo was really good.  Taken on my iPhone.  The colors look so vibrant.  And, this photo illustrates what my friends and I were thinking when we said we should have a needle in our hands at least once a day.  It doesn't matter what kind of needle.  Shown is a needle weaving in the yarn ends of this scarf.  And, I finished that border in one day...so there you are!  A good day!

This is the same scarf.  The photo was taken with my camera...in a different room, different time of day, different light, etc.  Not so vibrant...but ok.  You can see the border...crocheted in a knit every row pattern and fun to do.  I like it...you don't have to THINK!  It's like meditation....

Here is the actual yarn I used.   The color is "Echo."  Art. E793, 3940.  After knitting the scarf, I crocheted five or six rows of single crochet around the edge, then, I did a little scalloped edge....sc, ch three, sc, repeat all the way around. End. Easy Peasy.  Do three sc in the corner st.  As you can see on the photo above this one...the border IS variegated as I used the same yarn for the whole project, but in this photo, the scallop looks like one continuous color.

Now....the Texas part.  I am going to visit my sister and two brothers.  I am now the oldest in my family.  There are four siblings.  Me.  Then, my brother, Mike.  He is sixteen months younger than me.  Next is my sister, Debbie, she is ten years younger.  Then, there is Robert, who is thirteen years younger.  I have seen my sister this year, but haven't seen the brothers in several years.  My daughter, Kelly is driving me there...somewhere between eight and ten hours, depending on traffic.  She hasn't seen her uncles in many years.  It will be interesting.  

I wanted to post something tonight, so this is what you get...but, hopefully, I will have something different when I come back next week.  Wishing you a lovely week with good weather and good fun.

And, til next time, take care.  ♥ pat


Christy said...

I have family living within a hour of me whom I haven't seen in years. Isn't that a shame. It seems too hard to schedule some family time these days, doesn't it?

Have a good time, Pat. Enjoy the ride and be safe.


Julie Fukuda said...

Have a safe and happy trip, Pat.
I love visiting my much younger siblings too. (once every three years we have a reunion) I grew up as their baby sitter since they are much younger too.

Sheila said...

Love the colors of your scarf. Enjoy your trip. Be safe.

17-17 said...

Hi Pat,
the scarf is beautiful, you found stunning colors!

Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

I love the colors in your scarf, so pretty. Have a safe, wonderful trip!

Jaybird said...

Oh yes, I'm not a brother, but I get to see you toooooooooo!!!! I am so excited!!!...in fact I was so excited I was ready a week early....ooops!!!
The scarf is lovely and I bet it is s`o`f`t too.
You girls be careful.

Lynn said...

Hi Pat,

I love the scarf and the colours are particularly my favourite. The crochet around the edge is very pretty and a nice touch!
Have a lovely trip.

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