Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Where I've Been and What I Found

Well, I've been on a trip....and back!  It was a rather hurriedly planned one encouraged by my favorite son and also involving my favorite sister.  A visit to San Francisco!  The last time I was there (2004), the old navy man and I visited.  This visit was a lot different, but I thought of him a lot.  Anyway, Scott is an excellent host and tour guide and he made the visit especially nice for Debbie and me.    It was FUN!

I am not going to show you all the photos I took....but will include some here and there along with my usual postings.

The first thing my sister wanted to see was the "Painted Ladies."  Well, Alamo Square, here we come!
Debbie just loved being on the Square, we walked around the whole thing, even "upstairs" through the park.  It's quite lovely.  I took lots of photos...(some to be deleted, as you know, I'm not a great photographer).  I will be showing more than just the one above, on some other day.  Anyway, we did thoroughly enjoy our visit to the "Ladies."

This is my son's living room.  Well....actually, he lives in this house with three roommates.  You know, lots of people there share houses and apartments....well, unless they make much more money than the average person.   Emphasize the words MUCH MORE!  So, here is their living room.  It's a house...a mid-century style, with three floors...the living room on the top floor.  Well, San Francisco isn't flat you know....houses all up and down those hills!  I love the view from this room....I'd never get a thing done if I lived here...I'd always be looking out the windows!!!  It's BEAUTIFUL!! 

More to come regarding "the visit"... in future posts.

We were quite busy every single day.  Seeing the sights, going to a Giants/Dodgers game (loved that!!), museums, etc.  And, since my sister and I aren't great shoppers....other than buying food and a  few books, etc., this tote bag is all I bought.  And, other than the fact I liked it, it seemed I should buy it to show it to you.  We've talked here, in recent posts, about making things using the Chain Stitch so when I saw this, I knew you had to see it.

Chain Stitches.  On a lovely muted floral background.  Love at first sight!  


I'm not sure I'd spend so much time making a tote from Chain Stitches....but I can see making all those Chain Stitches on 'yardage' for other, smaller projects.  Yeah, I'm somewhat OCD about doing tedious things...so I would....really, I would!

 Not to ponder the idea very long....I'm thinking it would make a great border on an art quilt, amongst other ideas.  Surely other ideas would drift through my mind, or yours, if we let them.

And, as I did on the pincushion, here are two rows of Chain Stitch together.  A double whammy!


One more view.

 It's quite pretty, I think.  Glad I got it!  Oh, yes, I should say - it was purchased on one of our drives around the country side, at the San Gregorio General Store, on Hwy 84, one mile east of Hwy 1.  A fun place to drop by for a little visit.

Well, so glad I got a post done....such as it is. I don't know why it is so difficult to prepare a post after a bit of 'time off.'  Oh, yes I do...issues with photographs and me not being technically 'savvy.'  Makes me put things off sometimes.  

So, there we are....with help from my favorite son....a new post.  With more to come.  Thank you for stopping by and hanging in there with me...as some of you tend to do.  

THANK YOU, Debbie, for going with me and being my guide through the airports!!  And a huge THANK YOU, Scott, for showing us a WONDERFUL TIME!! 

Until next time, 

The Painted Ladies, Alamo Square, San Francisco....beautiful!!


Bonnie Jobe said...

Thanks for the visit to SF!!! I've never been there but have loved seeing the Painted Ladies...and I love you new tote. Very stylin'

Glad you had a great trip with some of your favorite people!

Sheila said...

Glad you had a great trip with your sister and son! We visited San Francisco a number of years ago when our son was there.
Your tote bag I'd beautiful! So many little stitches.

Christy said...

What a wonderful trip, Pat. So happy you enjoyed yourself. San Francisco seems to be a beautiful city. I love the purse, too!
Happy days to you.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Such a lovely visit. The view from the top floor is amazing. I'm like you, I'd be glued to the window, but I'm sure I'd be stitching in front of it. sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live somewhere I wouldn't be required to tend 3/4 of an acre! I LOVE those row houses. I'll have to google Painted Ladies but God only knows what THAT search will turn up...lol.
xx, Carol

Jaybird said...

LOL Carol!!!
It's good to see you "Home again" Ms. Patricia!!!
I know for SURE that I would never get a thing accomplished in that living room. Windows are my favorite décor!!!!, and the view was amazing!!
I loved the painted ladies..beautiful colors.
Your bag really is special for you! Lovely work for a lovely lady.
Be blessed,
PS: I think your sister had a good time too :^)

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