Sunday, June 7, 2015

My Latest Finds

This week I visited a couple of my favorite flea markets, plus a brand new one.  These activities always boost my mood and I had a great time walking and looking around.  So, I'm going to show you a few things I found to bring home.  First will be this quilt.....although it's not really a quilt...more like a summer coverlet, as it isn't quilted and the edges are finished. 

 It's made of a very thin fabric and is quite soft.  I think it's batiste, but I'm not sure and I also think the thread it's embroidered with may be a rayon thread, as it's shiny.  I couldn't resist buying this because, as you see, it's a basket and I'm particularly fond of embroidered baskets.  I removed the pillows from my bed to give me enough room to spread this out for a photo.  There is a lot extra fabric at the bottom of the coverlet and plenty on each side also.  This is a Full Size bed.  I think it would make a great curtain for a big window and also a terrific shower curtain. 

The basket itself needs repair...I think a total re-do of it is in order, but all the rest of the embroidery seems to be ok.

Look at all the graceful and quite beautiful!

What do you think?

I LOVE it!!!!

Now, what do you see?  French Knots, of course.  Always a favorite of mine!!


The colors are quite nice too.


So delicate looking!

 This is the ruffle that finishes three sides of the 'quilt.'  So nice!

 And, here again.  Lucky to find it, I do believe!

 Here are some of the other things I found....

This little chest of drawers....I have one exactly like it, but as I have appreciated it and used it for so long...decided to get this one too.  I try and never pass up something as useful as anything with shelves, doors or drawers...they always mean STORAGE!  And, then, there is that silver pincushion.

It has wool, the lower part of a ruffled piece of linen, old buttons and that sweet key sewn to it.  Couldn't resist!!

This is a little pewter sugar bowl.  I loved the shape and thought I'd make a pincushion from it in my own style.  Love the handles!

 A box of hand-embroidered hankies.  So sweet.  The squares and rectangles are appliqued onto the linen and there ARE more French Knots!!  Still in the box with an 'Embroidered by Hand" tag still attached.


Seven quilt blocks...$1.00.  

 Several pieces of lace, all different.  I'm a fool for those! These were removed from pillow cases.

 Pretty as can be...

Closer view.

The one on top is knitted.  I'm always amazed at knitted lace!

 A piece of linen marked for embroidery...I'm sure for use with wool thread, as in Crewel Embroidery. Then, there is that silver box.  I'm going to do something special with that little item.  You'll see.

A closer look at that marked linen and also a crocheted linen a rectangle with the lace at each end.

 There is a bag of really 'weird' fabric.  I think it's for upholstery, but not sure.  It reminded me of punch needle work....and doesn't have the background filled in yet.  Would be great to use in a tote bag.

One of two, wouldn't you know.  One with Satin Stitching, quite nicely done...

And, a delicate pink linen one with pretty pink lace.  A few old-fashioned stones and beads added.  Only on one corner though..I expect it was never finished.

I also found this very cute wire basket...just fine for an assortment of pretty hankies!

 Four cute little primitive type little pillows...for $3.  I'm sure these were made from a piece of yardage...I just love the graphics!

Well, like I said, never turn down anything you can store things in, so this box caught my eye right away....there are 42 little segments in this drawer/box.  A great thing for buttons, beads or whatever small items you 'hoard.'

 These are the cutest buttons!  Tiny rectangles and I'd never seen rectangular buttons with the holes on the diagonal.  Love 'em.

And, that my friends is my favorite thing to do..."hunt and gather" out there in the 'fleas' then come home and sort the 'loot' spending time imagining what I can do with it all.  And, then, sometimes...actually doing it!
Sound familiar to you?

Until next time, 


Debra Graham said...

Oh Pat, what a find! The basket piece is beautiful and I am sure the dark thread could be removed and replaced easily. Lots of beautiful treasures.

Gail said...

Lovely finds. The sort of items that I would buy.
Do you use the lace for projects? I have scads of old lace and torn pillow cases waiting for me to remove the lace. I rarely use for anything though.

Laurie said...

I'm in love with that quilt Pat!! It's gorgeous! You find the nicest things at sales, I never seem to have that luck!!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

What cool loot...treasures for sure. I never find any good stuff like this!! I guess I just don't have an eye for it. I absolutely love those buttons! Very unique. Glad you had a great day.
xx, Carol

Sheila said...

You found some great pretties, I don't usually have the luck. The coverlet is beautiful, love all the embroidery. Have a great week!!

Shirlee Fassell said...

Great finds! Love the basket coverlet and who could resist those storage pieces.

Gisela Suski said...

You hit the jackpot, all of the items are wonderful. The bedspread is so so special.
I can just imagine the excitement you must have had wondering around.

Maureen said...

Now that's my kind of shopping! Great finds.

Jaybird said...

Oh my Pat, that coverlet is gorgeous....
MANY years ago, my Grandmother made very thin covers like that, and called them "blanket protectors". They were always beautifully made and had all sorts of embroidery and trims. Unfortunately I was never offered any of her things, so I don't have any :^(
You found a real haul of treasures....yaaay you!!
Have a great weekend!

Maggie Ann said...

So many treasures! I've enjoyed seeing them all. I am crazy about needlework, it is such a thing of beauty, passed down from vine generation to the next! You must have had a fun time finding these and affordable to.

Maggie Ann said...

So many treasures! I've enjoyed seeing them all. I am crazy about needlework, it is such a thing of beauty, passed down from vine generation to the next! You must have had a fun time finding these and affordable to.

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