Monday, July 6, 2015

An Embroidery Design Giveaway

Just got the idea today that I'd post some things from my sketchbooks.  The book pictured above is one of several I have....and I've chose a mixture of drawings to share with you.  I'm calling it a ''Giveaway" because you have my permission to use these....just please give me and my blog credit if you do.
Feel free to copy and enlarge and you can share with friends if you wish.  (And, no, I'm not mailing them out.)

Any number of embroidery stitches may be used here...the bow, for instance, could be done in Satin Stitch, or Outline Stitch, or Back Stitch...oddly, even in small French Knots.

The Vine I would do in Stem Stitch and Lazy Daisy Stitches...the leaves are so small on the vine, you could even use three or so Straight Stitches to make the leaves.  You get the idea, I am sure.

Feel free to enlarge to any size, but you should know...if they get too large, they just aren't as pretty.

You can use a Spider Web Rose Stitch to make the flowers in these two hearts.  Or, French Knots to turn them into regular flowers.

 I love the flower coming out of the can make the heart larger if you'd like.

I've done those little birds in Outline Stitch many times.

I guess you're going to get two of these!

 I think this heart design would be so cute embroidered on paper to make a greeting card!
 You could leave off the outside line if you wanted.

There's that bow.  I love making them....if you don't want to Outline Stitch it or Satin Stitch it, you could take some narrow bias ribbon and Couch it on the background fabric with French Knots placed every so often.   When I do that, I tie the bow first, then pin it in place to Couch.

 Oh, be still my heart!  I LOVE little delicate embroidered Vines like this.  I would probably use one strand of DMC Floss....or #12 Perle Cotton for these.  But, you can suit yourself.

If you don't have a sketchbook of your own started, you might want to take that on...or, it could just be a notebook where you store patterns like these you have gathered from other sources.  It's nice to have something to look through when you are trying to come up with a new project, or want to add a bit of embroidery to a quilt or other project.

So...from ME to YOU....Free Patterns, my Giveaway to you this summer!  ENJOY!!!

from Bird Nest Cottage,

Until next time,


Laurie said...

Pat I love them all! I love doing vines, and these are so pretty! Thank-you for your special give away, I'll save them and I know there are at least several that I will be using!!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Thank you Pat. With all of your talent and you can sketch too. I always wanted to be able to
sketch and doodle. Stick People and daisies is as good as I get. Jack of all trades, you know.
xx, Carol

Julie Fukuda said...

That bow tie is sweet. Maybe it needs a bird at each end of the ties. I need to get out my sketch book too.

Growing Old Fast said...

You are such a talented person!! I would be so proud to have your book. There's definitely things I'll make from all your lovely designs. Thanks for doing this. I like the fact that it's a "piece" of you!! Hugs, Pam

Deb said...

Lovely sketchbook and the patterns are so sweet, I have plans to use the vine on an up coming project. Thank you for your "Give Away"

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