Sunday, January 10, 2016

On a Sunday Afternoon

 This afternoon, I was standing in the kitchen and decided that although it was dark in here, I could probably manage to get some semi-decent photos of my little breakfast area.  This room either has too much light, or not enough.  It faces west.  I can't handle a really bright room, so if it's a bit too dark, I don't worry about it.  I never have the blinds wide open, as too much light can give me a migraine.  I have a tendency to be photophobic.   

 I have this little breakfast area right to the side of my rather small kitchen.  I think I'm lucky to have it and, of course, since it is small you'd think I'd have less in it, but you know me....."too much is never enough."

 And, I LOVE managed to drag these in from the property behind my house....a rich source of twigs.  The property belongs to a clinic.  They have an extra acre full of trees, among which are two big, fat, very tall pine trees.  I call that acre "Two Pines Park."  I'll tell you about it sometimes and show it to you....but for now, just know I go pilfer twigs from there whenever I see any "GOOD ONES."  They don't mind that I'm their "Twig Thief."  The really tall twigs by my fireplace came from there too. 

When I saw this twig, I decided it would be great for the kitchen and I could put a bird, heart and nest on it for a little Christmas decorating.  I've decided it can stay through Valentine's Day too.  (I'll show you a closeup of them around that time.) 

 Naturally, I have more here that should be here.  I'm ok with I've quit fighting my hoarding tendencies and am just trying to keep things from getting too far out of hand.  For instance, I love old bottles....I don't know what the little one had in it...but the larger one had vinegar in it.  It has a partial label on's from St. Louis.  The little wooden heart on it was painted by my friend, Bibi.

  That bird house was a gift from my friend, Patsy.  I have a plan for it...when I can get to it.  I think it may be a good plan, if all works out.  Vintage dishes.  There are always a lot of them around here.

 I bought the Hyacinths at the Walmart Neighborhood Market down the street.  My daughter calls it  "Smallmart."  I laugh everytime she says that.  Anyway....a nice Hyacinth bulb and a glass bulb vase...$3.33.  Cool.  They will be white when they bloom.

 I loved that tiny little shelf...of course, filled with tiny little things!  These cute birds are Salt and Pepper shakers.

 Here's the bird house again.  It opens...yes, plans for that....if I can get the plan carried out, you will be the first to know!

 Patsy also made me this beautiful paper heart collection.  I said she should open a business called "HeartStrings."  I don't think she was too crazy about that idea, but I LOVE the one she made for me!!!

 Some pretty glass beads and such add to the gorgeousness of the "String" and I love the little silver bird house at the end.  So very cute!!!  It's about twenty-five inches long and I knew right away where I would hang it.  LOVE IT!

 An empty thread spool with the words "hanging by a thread" burned into it.  Given to me several years ago by my friend, Kay.  Holding a heart pin from my 'quilt life' of long ago.  And, being admired by a cute little bird!

 I love these little cups....very vintage and just had to snap a photo of them with this tiny heart.  I have no idea where I got it...I think in a jar of old buttons.

 My little breakfast table is old too and twenty-eight inches across.  Just fits in my little nook.    The crocheted doily, which is quite large came from my mother-in-law's collection.  I remember it in her house.

 I've had these various linens in this old compote for a very long time....the red glass heart hanging on the twig usually stays in here, right on top of those old needlework pieces.

 But for now....two sugar Cherry hearts will do!!

 So, there you are.  My Sunday afternoon in the kitchen.  Now, I need to go make something to actually eat! 

 Bird Nest Cottage
until next time

PS.  I forgot to mention that I am auditioning my white apron collection as a kind of valance thing in this nook.  Right now they are just tacked up there, but I plan on actually making them into "real" valances, which requires me to make a casing for them at the seems I have a way of auditioning things...sometimes they work out...sometimes they don't.  I'll keep you posted!♥


Sheila said...

I love your little breakfast nook. We have a nook in our kitchen that I have my grandmother's little table and small china cabinet in. Other than those items its bare. With the dogs I'm afraid they would knock things off.
The hanging hearts are very nice.
Have a great week ahead.

Brenda Wall said...

You have such a knack for what I call "quiet decoration". Everything you put together just gets along and gives off a peaceful vibe. When I grow up I so want to be like you. LOL

Debra Graham said...

You should have been an interior decorator

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

O Gosh...More amazement from me. I love to see what you do with all your treasures. It's partly what you collect and more partly how you group them together that amazes me. I love little things...small minnies. I used to put them out but this place is so dusty I have really limited my decorating to just a couple small groupings. (My trade off for having 3 dogs.)

Have a marvelous day, Pat. I'll be inside watching it snow. It's 19 degrees and I bet the windchill is minus below!!
xx, Carol

Lynn B said...

Very, very pretty! I love small round tables, I am planning on buying one for my patio in the summer so that I can sit in a quiet corner eating breakfast outside in my new home in France, I am looking forward to dressing it with lovely linens just like you have here.
The crochet is beautiful and the pillows from your latest post are gorgeous! I have been given some blue and white checked vintage linen with embroidery just like yours in the picture, I must rescue it and change it into something nice!

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